"I only get one life and I will not let Fibromyalgia take the joy from my living it."
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Sunday, January 12, 2014

My doTERRA Store

Since I've been using so many things for our daughter from doTERRA I decided to become a consultant just so I could get the discount. I'm not doing parties and all that stuff. But I do have a website so if you are interested and need something you can visit at http://www.mydoterra.com/thisismyfibro/

Friday, January 10, 2014

Introductory to Essential Oils

I've been so fascinated with how well the essential oils have been working on our kids. In addition to the lavender oil I've been using on her eczema, I've been using the Deep Blue for their teething pain. It's intended for achy joints and sore muscles, but I had been told that people were using for teething pain. So instead of using Tylenol I've been rubbing the Deep Blue along their jawline and it does seem to calm them. Especially when they start grinding their teeth. That drives me nuts!
 I've been so impressed with the oils. I love being able to treat ailments without taking medicine internally or giving medicine to my children. So, I decided to buy the introductory pack that includes the lavender, lemon and peppermint oils. Evidently those are their top three selling oils because they are the most versatile. It comes with a CD that tells you how to use them. Of course, I've been using the lavender on her eczema. But my husband was congested so we used peppermint on his chest and sinuses.  It worked! I've also used the peppermint on my stomach when it's been upset.
I've been using the Balance oil blend to treat our daughter's separation anxiety and horrible fear of strangers. Hers is not the normal separation anxiety of most babies. We got her when she was 3 months old. She had been with the same foster family since birth. As she settled in with us she became increasingly fearful of even leaving the house. It's like she is terrified that someone is going o take her again from her family. At home she is very social and squeals with delight, but when we step out our front door she doesn't even crack a smile the entire time we are out. She gives everyone Los Ojos. Evil eye. So I got Balance which is for stress and anxiety. I apply it to the back of her neck. The first time I used it on her was when we went to the hair salon and had her get some bangs cut. I waited until we were there to put it on her and she did great. In fact, the stylist said that if I decided to become a consultant that she would trade me my hair cut for a bottle of the Balance so that she could use it on the other children that come in. The second time was when she had to go to the doctor. She did wonderful! Now, maybe she's just getting better, but maybe it's the oil. I don't know, but I started using it for myself too when I'm stressed out. Maybe it's just psychological or just the aromatherapy but it did help me chillax. 
You may remember that this time last year I wrote about getting so sick when we traveled at Christmas that I felt like I was allergic to the climate of my home state. This year I went prepared with the nausea patches that you wear when you go on a cruise. However, I didn't have to wear them. I don't know if it's the diet that I've been on or luck. I did get a little nauseated a few times at night in the car when on windy roads in the country. But that's always a complication for me because of my sensitivity to lights. It's just hard at night because it's dark everywhere and then bright lights from a car or signs, etc. and it makes me sick. I used a combination of this oil Motion Eaze that I got at Walmart for less than $10 and Peppermint essential oils rubbed on my stomach from doTERRA.
 I decided to give the PastTense® Tension Blend a try for headaches instead of popping Tylenol or a migraine pill as soon as it's coming on. With two toddlers I don't have time to wait for a full blown migraine to hit me so unfortunately I do try to cut it off early. It did work, but I will say that when the directions say to apply to your neck, forehead and temples then lay back and relax what it really means lay back so that the oil on your forehead and temples don't run into your eyes because it will bu-urn. I usually don't have time to sit back and relax. So I'm just putting it lightly on my temples and neck then continuing on with my day. Honestly the headache does come back after a couple of hours, but mine do with my RX meds too. Usually only a night's sleep get rid of mine. Sometimes I even wake up with it again. But this at least buys me a little time, med free, to keep going. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lyrica As A Narcotic

I tried a new doctor today. I've really been unhappy with how difficult it is to get refills on my prescriptions for Lyrica. I don't like that my doctor was making me come in and get written refills every three months for everything I was on. Back in January I quit taking Cymbalta because my insurance changed and it was going to cost me over $200 a month after my insurance. I just can't afford that so I decided to go without it. And with the restrictions we are under as foster parents it's nearly impossible for me to get childcare to go to the doctor myself so I can't run to the doctor every two months in order to keep up with a prescription that needs to be refilled every three months.  So I decided to try a different doctor. This one actually explained to me that the powers that be are now classifying Lyrica as a narcotic. That means that you have to go in for a face-to-face office visit with your doctor to get your prescription written every three months. I guess the other doctor just figured since I was coming in every three months for that one that she would only write all my others for three months at a time as well. At this time in my life, I just can't do that. I have very little childcare. My husband takes off enough work as it is. He can't take off work just so I can constantly go to routine doctors' appointments for no reason other than bureaucracy. So I'm quitting the Lyrica too. I told her that we'll see how I do when the weather gets cold. I've been doing so much better since moving to this climate, losing so much weight and changing my diet habits. I'm still on the Topirimate to prevent migraines and nausea. And I'm still taking the Nortryptaline at night to help with sleep. So I'm kind of back to where I was before I was diagnosed with Fibro. I'm treating some of my symptoms and not taking the medications that actually prevent the problem. But this time it's not because I don't know what's wrong, it's because the medical field, pharmaceutical companies, insurance and government have made it difficult for us to get the treatment we need.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Careful With Those Decongestants

I've been having trouble sleeping. Not the normal Fibro can't sleep kinda trouble. Every time I lay down I start coughing. My throat is dry and I start coughing. I think it must be allergies. It only happens at night tough. So I decided to take a Benadryl pill before bed, just a half dose, to help. I think it's helping. But then I get worse. So much worse that I am sleeping with a humidifier, a glass of water next to the bed and cough drops in my mouth. I know, gross! Not the menthol kind. They make me nauseous. These are just the citrus, but still, gross. Anyway. I finally am coughing all day. So I get in to see the doctor. Not sure what was going on, but I should not have taken the Benadryl. See, I wasn't actually congested. And it's a decongestant. But I thought that it was for allergies and I thought that was what was making my throat scratchy. Turns out that I took so many decongestants that I dried up all my mucus membranes. Yep, uh-huh. All of them. Which explained why some other things were really dry. So he gives me a Z-pack, some cough medicine and sends me on my way. Remember the IV antibiotics I had been on just two months ago. Now the Z-pack. You know what happens when you take antibiotics? I get a raging yeast infection. In fact, I remember the last time I took a Z-pack I got a yeast infection. And it didn't go away with any treatment. It was my menstrual cycle that finally cleared it out. Is it possible that Fibromyalgia just lowers your immune system all together?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Allergic to My Home State

I traveled home for the week of Thanksgiving. We left the Saturday morning  before. I realized a few hours into the trip that I had forgotten my pill organizer but I didn't want to turn back (again). I thought that maybe one in week the meds would not have time to get out of my system and I would be okay. Sunday morning I started to get car sick on the way to church. I basically stayed sick the entire week. I tried dramamine, meclazine, saltines, candy canes and sprite. By Sunday morning I had only missed one dose basically because I take Lyrica at night and Cymbalta in the morning. Although I do take Topirimate at both and it is for vertigo and nausea. But that's awfully quick to get sick. And I was nauseated the entire week. I decided it had to be the climate. I used to be sick all the time before we moved to Texas. One of the things we considered about San Antonio was that the weather is much more stable. It's not as humid. It's always worse in the winter because the sun sets early and the car headlights are difficult with my sensitivity to lights. My sensitivity to smells and sounds was flaring up. I was miserable. We came home early.  I never thought I'd be so glad to get back to Texas. I did get some Phenegran from my aunt to get me home. I was sick and had to take the second Phenegran only 2 hours after the first one. But we made it back. Sure thing, when I woke up on Texas soil the next morning I was fine. Can you believe that? Totally fine.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Honey Baltic Amber

I was looking for more Baltic Amber on Amazon to help with my migraines. I was looking at a piece that I liked, but noticed that it didn't say "Baltic" it just said "honey." So I googled to find out the difference. Evidently each color of amber helps with different ailments. And the Baltic Amber has more of the succinic acid than does the amber from other regions. So when choosing your amber for medicinal purposes, choose Baltic. And here's a little guide to help you choose your color courtesy of this website which also had some other great information on this topic. So check it out. 

Listed is the preferred Baltic Amber type next to each ailment:
Sensitive skin – Ruby
Eczema due to allergies - Lemon
Fatigue and Chronic fatigue syndrome –Ruby or multi Baltic Amber

Migraine Headaches –lemon or honey Baltic Amber
Menstrual Cramping – lemon or multi Baltic Amber

Back Pain – ruby or cognac

Chronic Pain –lemon or honey Baltic Amber

Muscular Pain – ruby, cognac or multi Baltic Amber

Morning Sickness,etc – lemon Baltic Amber

Acid Reflux – lemon or honey Baltic Amber

Rheumatoid Arthritis –lemon or multi Baltic Amber

Stomach problems and upset – honey Baltic Amber

It also helps calm and decrease stress –honey or lemon Baltic Amber

Then I ran across a pendant that I liked and the listing indicated that it was Certified Genuine Baltic Honey Amber. So look for that too. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What a Day a Week Makes!

It's been a week and four days since I went back on the Lyrica. I was on 75 mg once a day for a week, then moved up to 150 mg once a day. I can already tell a difference! All of my sensitivities are coming out of overdrive. I've not had as many migraines. Still some headaches though. I'm able to ride in a car again without being nauseated. I can go out in public again without the sounds and smells of the people associated with the outside world making me sick. People just don't know how hard it is to function when the simple sound of a fork being dropped on a plate can send you spiraling into unrecoverable nausea, vertigo and migraines. Or their stupid phone chirping with a text message. Things that most people don't even notice can seem fatal to me. But now it's coming back under control. I'm really hoping to be able to stay at this dosage. But one of my biggest adversaries, Summer, is on its way. With the heat and the brilliant sunshine, come more woes. I suspect I may just have to increase when summer hits full force. But hopefully not.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

To Med or Not To Med

I've been off the Lyrica for a while. I actually ran out of my prescription and having had to find a new doctor I had to make an appointment to get meds. Well, with a baby that has been kinda difficult. So I ended up off the Lyrica and getting it pretty much out of my system. I thought I was doing okay so I told the doctor I wanted to try to go without it. Well, it wasn't much longer that all my sensitivities to external stimuli started crashing back down on me: The sensitivities to touch, smells, sounds, lights, motion, changes in temperature. I'm more fatigued now even though I'm getting more sleep than when the baby first arrived. I've had a few episodes of vertigo. I'm nauseated a good deal of the time. And I've had migraines a lot. Now when I talk about nausea I'm not talking about the nausea with migraines. I'm experiencing it without the headaches. And I experience sensitivity to light and sounds without migraines. So these are not all migraine related symptoms. It is sensitivities to external stimuli that is triggered by the Fibromyalgia. Lyrica has worked for me. I was taking 150 mg three times a day. I knew I was going to have to go back on it. In the meantime, I have lost 43 pounds with the GURD diet and all the troubles I've been having with my stomach, etc. I know that when I got on the Lyrica last time I blew up like a balloon. I'm afraid that going back on it would cause me to gain back all the weight I've lost. I was going to schedule an appointment for the doctor to get back on it, then all of a sudden, BAM!!!, I ended up in the emergency room and had my gall bladder taken out. Well, not being on the Lyrica made that recovery even harder. I just think had I still been on my meds it might have been a little easier. Not easy, but a little easier. So this week I finally went to the doctor to see if I could start back on the Lyrica. I am also going to try to function on a lower dose. I'm starting at 75 mg a day for a week and then going up to 150 mg once a day. I'll see the doctor in a month.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Q&A: Help for Nausea

I had such a good question in the comments section on my last post that I decided to make it into a post of it's own. I thought that it might be helpful to a lot of people and I didn't want anyone to miss it. So here's my first Q&A:

"Hi, Carmen! I'm sorry to hear about your stomach. I have a very delicate stomach, too, from my bariatric surgery. I have lots of nausea, too. What causes yours? Any cures to get rid of it? I'd love to hear if there are. I take Phenergan tabs for my nausea. I hope you feel better. I'm praying for you!!
find Missy at FibroMyWhat?

Hey Missy,
Good to hear from you. Mine is a results of my sensitivity to external stimuli like smells, sounds, light, movement, changes in temperature (like walking outside from the a/c in the house to the heat outside to get the mail and then back in to the a/c), plain ole' heat, changes in barometric pressure, then also my vertigo and migraines. There are a few things that work for me depending on the severity of it. If it's just starting and not too bad you can try the old pregnancy remedies. Sprite or Sierra Mist and saltine crackers, peppermints. If you have nausea first thing in the morning keep some peppermints next to your bed and put one in your mouth and start sucking on it before you ever even lift your head. You can also drink peppermint tea. Ginger is good. You can take it in supplement form. I'm not sure if you can get peppermint like that. If you want to move toward OTC meds try meclazine. You can get it at Wal-Mart. You may have to ask the pharmacist to help you find it. Tell them your looking for the bottle that has about 100 pills in it. It is better than Dramamine because it doesn't make you drowsy. And it's much cheaper. If you talk to your doctor they'll tell you how much more you can take than what the label says. It comes in chewable, dissolvable form which can be helpful when nauseated. Some doctors will actually write a prescription for this. Depending on your insurance, you'll have to determine whether it is cheaper to buy it OTC or by prescription. There, of course, are lots of options with prescription meds and you can talk it over with your doctor. I'll tell you what has worked for me. I started with the Phenegran tablets. They do work. They down side is that they can knock you out, you have to swallow them which can be a challenge if nauseated and they take time to work like any pill. If you have a compound pharmacy around you, ask your doctor to write you a prescription for Phenegran in a gel form. It has to be specially mixed at a compound pharmacy. It's a gel that comes in a syringe (no needle, think plunger). You squeeze it onto the inside of your wrist and rub your two wrist together. The medicine is quickly absorbed through the skin and into your system. The plus side is that it works almost immediately and you don't have to swallow it. For me, it didn't seem to be as strong as the pill. So sometimes I would wait until I was stable and then hit it with a Phenegran tab chaser. However, that is not my advice as I am not an expert. In fact, I am a bad influence and you should do exactly as your doctor instructs. If your nausea if severe you can ask your doctor about Ondansetron. When my doctor prescribed it to me he said that it was the same thing that they prescribed to chemotherapy patients. Plus side, it dissolves. Downside, it can make you sleepy.

I hope that helps you. If anyone else has any suggestions on how to deal with nausea I would love to hear them also.

Friday, July 29, 2011

GI Have An Ulcer

Went for the follow up visit after my ultrasound yesterday. I do not have gall stones. There is always a possibility that the gall bladder is not working, but she doesn't think that is it. She is thinking it's an ulcer. Not sure why I would have one of those ;0) She's trying me on some meds and probably sending me for an upper GI. I told her that I was in pain at the moment. She had me take some Maloxx right then in the office. She told me to get lots of fiber naturally in my diet and plenty of water. We picked up some Maloxx and Zantax on the way home. The nausea is a lot better so I'm thinking that it is because I was off the Topirimate. I go back next week, but she told me that if it got worse through the weekend to go to the ER because it could be the gall bladder not working or a lacerated ulcer.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

When The Winds Of Fibro Blow

I've always loved wind chimes. Unfortunately that's another joy that Fibromyalgia could have taken from me, had I let it. See, I have hypersensitivity to sounds, especially metal. So the sound of wind chimes can send me spinning into nausea and migraines quickly. Which is sad because there are so many super cute wind chimes out there that I would love to hang in my garden. The only metal wind chimes that I can tolerate are the hand tuned ones that have the notes of a certain song like Amazing Grace or something like that. I guess it's because that are hand crafted and tuned to match each other. They don't clang together causing a grating noise that irritates my entire body. And when you listen to them you can actually hear the song. It's really neat. However, they are more expensive. Quite expensive actually. But, alas, there is one wind chime whose sound has come to soothe my soul and calm my body. The bamboo wind chime. The resonating tones of the wooden chimes are almost healing. I have three hanging in my (very small) backyard. Three different sizes so that it's like a choir. I love them. LOVE them! And it is wind chime season. It's time to replace the ones from last year that have been hit with the dog's ball while playing fetch and been broken, or the strings worn away because we have so much wind only a whirlwind chime
could tolerate. So I made my way to Hobby Lobby because they frequently put their chimes for sale at half price and they have a good selection. I know to cruise to store waiting for other patrons to be clear out of that aisle. I don't want to be in the aisle with other people because they may stir up a metal wind chime and, of course, I'll get sick. I dream a little and play with the one that sings Amazing Grace. Then I move on to my beloved bamboo. I need two new ones, a large and medium size. My little one is still intact because it was not in the path of the ball. I have two shepherd's hooks in the garden that I am going to hang these from (out of the ball's pathway) or I would not invest in the larger one. Some bamboo chimes have a bell hanging on the inside so I have to be sure not to choose one of those. Then I strike one that looks very interesting geometrically, but it's metal. Ugh! It's metal painted to look like bamboo. They did a really good job. It looks very convincing. I kinda feel violated. I was having my nice little peaceful, dreaming about which bamboo wind chime I was going to take home with me to soothe my soul and calm my body day, and then BAM! I guess that's just how it goes sometimes. Especially with Fibromyalgia. But I walked away until the wind chime calmed down. Then when it couldn't hurt me anymore, I went back to what I was doing, picking out what was next in my life. A big fat bamboo wind chime and then a dark reddish brown one that will go well with our garden. Because I celebrate the sound of wind chimes in my back yard. The little things that other people may take for granted. "Stop and smell the roses." You bet I will! If it doesn't make me nauseous, I'm gonna enjoy smelling it, I'll savor eating it. I'll take time to listen to it.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Is It Really A Migraine?

I have migraines. I was quickly diagnosed with migraines because of the nausea, sensitivity to light, sound, smell, etc. But this was WAY before I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia or understood that Fibro isn't just about pain. My Fibro manifests itself in nausea and vertigo due to an extreme sensitivity to external stimuli, i.e. light, smells, sounds, motion, changes in temperature, etc. I was always told that migraines are not the headache itself. The headaches that people usually refer to as a migraine is just another symptom of a migraine. So the fact that my migraine headaches did not always come with my other symptoms (i.e. nauesa, sensitivity to light) was not all that curious to doctors. So I was and am treated with preventative migraine medications that work. I also take migraine medication when I have a migraine headache and it works. But this morning on the TODAY Show they did a segment with Dr. Nancy Snyderman called Dealing with Chronic Headaches, migraines being one. The way they described it, I wonder if what I have is not a cluster headache. Although they said that they would go into what a cluster headache was they ran out of time and never did in fact describe a cluster headache, except in an answer to someone's question about a migraine that lasted for a week at a time. The doctor answered that it may be a cluster headache if it was lasting that long. I wonder if I was misdiagnosed. Maybe I have cluster headaches and the other symptoms that typically come from a migraine are really just symptoms from my Fibromyalgia.

Mayo Clinic defines a cluster headache as this:
A cluster headache is one of the most painful types of headache. A striking feature of cluster headache is that the attacks occur in cyclical patterns, or clusters — which gives the condition its name.
Bouts of frequent attacks — known as cluster periods — may last from weeks to months, usually followed by remission periods when the headache attacks stop completely. The pattern varies from one person to another, but most people have one or two cluster periods a year. During remission, no headaches occur for months, and sometimes even years.
Fortunately, cluster headache is rare and not life-threatening. Treatments can help make the attacks shorter and less severe. In addition, preventive medications can help reduce the number of headaches.
for more symptoms on cluster headaches, click here. Mayo Clinic defines a migraine as this:

Migraines are chronic headaches that can cause significant pain for hours or even days. Symptoms can be so severe that all you can think about is finding a dark, quiet place to lie down.
Some migraines are preceded or accompanied by sensory warning symptoms or signs (auras), such as flashes of light, blind spots or tingling in your arm or leg. A migraine is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound.
Although there's no cure, medications can help reduce the frequency and severity of migraines. If treatment hasn't worked for you in the past, it's worth talking to your doctor about trying a different migraine medication. The right medicines combined with self-help remedies and lifestyle changes may make a tremendous difference.

The cluster headaches sound very similar to what I have, but I have a lot of the vision problems that go along with the migraines with aura. See here for more info on the migraines with aura.
Either way, now I need to pay attention to the weather to see if I can see a pattern occurring between it and the headaches.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Loud Clapper

I had a very rough morning. Before we even got to church I was rubbing my gel on my wrist for nausea. And then had to send Rob for a Sprite. Then we were running a little late so had to sit on the opposite side that we usually do. That put us near this guy who is an unusually loud clapper. The pitches in the music and then his loud clapping. . . . ugh. I was holding on to Rob's arm because the vertigo was setting in. I eventually had to sit down. I was so sick. I hate the nausea. I'm better now, but very sensitive lately. I'm just waiting for the next wave.

Adrienne Dellwo had a good post recently about What's Behind Noise Sensitivity in Fibromyalgia. 

** I found out on the news tonight that Mountain Cedar was really high today.  Evidently that's a big allergen to watch for here. Wonder if that was a big cause of my vertigo today?

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Good With The Bad

I was talking on the phone with a friend back home. She was concerned about how I was feeling because she has been reading my blog. Evidently I'm always talking about how bad I feel. True. That's what I do here. I focus on my Fibromyaglia and how it affects my life. But what I don't focus on is how it has NOT affected my life. Now that my friend does not see me on a regular basis and only reads my blog, she thought my health had taken gone downhill. Sure there are things that are worse. But there are things that are better now that I'm not working and now that I'm in a more stable weather environment. So I would say that I'm about the same as she remembers. In fact, most people who know me are surprised when they find out that I have Fibromyalgia. And my doctors have always commented on how well I do in general. I think it is because, for the most part, pain is not my issue. Yes, I have the pain associated with Fibromyalgia. I met the criteria on the tender points chart. But my pain is not as debilitating as it is for most people. Although I do have my flare-ups and my bad days. My issue, as stated in my "about me" on the sidebar, is the hyper-sensitivity to external stimuli. Light. Sound. Smell. Motion. Changes in temperature, air pressure, barometric pressure, ventilation. It results in vertigo, nausea and migraines that are for the most part controlled with my prescription glasses and medications. Lifestyle helps prevent pain flare ups. So here's what you should know about me. For every bad day, I have 10 good ones. So when I'm not writing about the bad days it's because I'm not writing about the good days. I'm busy trying to live them.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Noise Sensitivity

Ok, here's another great article from Fibromyalgia and CFS Blog called Noise Sensitivity in Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I told y'all this is a blog to follow and here is a good example. When talking about noise sensitivity she says:
"This aspect of our conditions hasn't been studied as much as the biggies -- pain and fatigue -- but some pain findings actually do lend some support to this idea. Most people have what's called an inhibitory response to repeated sensations. That means once they've felt something and their brains have determined it's not a threat, the response to it gets progressively weaker. A tight waistband, a shoe that rubs the Achilles tendon just a little, a slightly rough bedsheet are things everyone notices, but only at first. According to studies, those of us with fibromyalgia don't get to tune out these "harmless" sensations. Instead, our nerves over-react to them, sending more and more pain signals at every contact, and instead of filtering those signals out like it should, our brains seize hold of them and crank up the volume."
I've mentioned here on my blog before that this is one of my main problems with Fibro, the sensitivity to sound. I've even dialogued with a few of you about how difficult it can be for me to go out sometimes because I get sick so easily from sounds, as well as smells and light. I commented on this article that a dropped fork across a restaurant or passing by a metal wind chime can send me instantly into nausea. But it's in my own home too. Putting away the dishes is one of my most difficult tasks because of the sound it makes when I have to stack them together, especially metal on metal. I have this set of stainless steel metal mixing bowls. I love them and love to use them, but they make the most awful sound to me when I am putting them away. I really felt like I was a rare case in Fibro. I've never heard or read of anyone else having this problem. Now I know that I'm not alone. Should that really comfort me like it does?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Medication List

Tomorrow is my appointment with my new Ob/Gyn to check out this cyst in my breast. The pain has not been as great as it was a couple of weeks ago when I was considering cutting it out myself. I'm no longer nervous about my appointment but I'm sure that will change when I'm in the waiting room filling out papers. I think this is just an exam. If she wants to do an ultrasound or drain it, my guess is, that would follow at a later date. With this trip to a new doctor, and much overdue, I updated my list of medications. It's a good practice to keep this list up to date and on your person. Your phone is a good location or on a piece of paper behind your license. That way not only will you have it for all of your appointments and pharmacy visits but in case of an accident the medical response team will know exactly what is in your system if you are unable to respond. Don't forget to list your allergies on that card as well. So here's my daily dose:
  • Lyrica 150mg 3x/day for Fibromyalgia
  • Cymbalta  60mg 1x/day, morning, for pain associated with Fibromyalgia
  • Topiramate 50mg 1x/day, bedtime, for vertigo, still increasing the dosage
  • Melatonin 3 to 6 mg 1x/day, bedtime, for help sleeping
  • Sumatriptan 100 mg as needed for migraines, plus 2 Aleve
  • Ondansetron 4mg as needed for nausea
  • Promethegan 25mg as needed for nausea
  • Alphagan, one drop each eye, for driving at night
  • Prenatal Vitamins not because I'm trying to get pregnant but because I need so many supplements due to anemia, etc.,  and this is  the easiest way to get that dosage in the least number of pills

Monday, March 22, 2010

"My Future's So Bright. . .

. . . I gotta wear shades." My sensitivity to light has become increasingly burdensome with instant nausea and migraines, not able to drive at night, etc. Evidently it is a common side affect of the Fibromyalgia. I recently had an appointment with the opthamologist. She first asked if my Lyrica was helping the sensitivity to light. I guess not because it seems to be getting worse. She said that many times in cases like mine they will actually prescribe Lyrica. But I'm already on it. She said that we could put me on a preventative migraine medicine to help. But before putting me on yet another medication first we'll try glasses. My vision is 20/20 but I still got glasses, two pair actually. I have sunglasses for the day with polarized lenses and some kind of special tint. And I have a pair for cloudy days and nighttime that have an orange tint to help block out the most blue rays and polarized. I don't really understand what all this means I just hope it works. She also gave me some eye drops that I put in about 30 minutes before I go out at night. They are supposed to keep my eyes from dilating and therefore not let in as much light. If those don't work she has another kind that I can try later. The bad news is that we waited until after the New Year so that we could get me on the vision plan. Well, because it associated with the fibro, they ran my appointment through health insurance. And because my glasses didn't require a vision prescription my insurance would not cover them. They suggested that we try to cancel my vision plan and ask for a refund. She was nice enough to give us a 20% discount, but they were still pretty expensive. But since there isn't a prescription they should last a really long time. I know I'm going to be a little self conscious because my lenses are orange. But when I was picking out my frames I found these cool ones that have the stem on the bottom instead of on the top. I figured if my glasses have to be weird looking then I might as well get some cool ones too. Notice the stems in the picture? It kinda makes you want to turn them over. My sunglasses came back first. When I was leaving the office one of the girls said "enjoy that sunshine." It really struck me at that moment. Now maybe I can enjoy the sunshine. I used to, but I've been hiding from it for years now. I look forward to not getting sick with every bit of light that shines my way. I did get a little nauseous on the way home with the adjustment to the glasses, but I could already feel the eyes trying to relax. I could literally feel the strain trying to let up. This could change my life. So how do you like my new glasses?