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Thursday, May 26, 2016

How To Not Make A Teacher's Gift Off Pinterest

The It's that time of year again. So much to do. Including, a gift for your kid's teacher. You want them to like it but also want to be crafty. You looked at Pinterest but let's face it… that's time, money, energy. Not to mention skill. And I will bet, if you think it's cute the other moms do too. which means they're going to get a lot of the same thing. So this year I thought what do I still have that a child gave me all those years ago? And it's on my couch all these years later. A little travel pillow with a homemade pillowcase. Let's not get crazy. I'm not going to make a homemade pillow case. So I adjusted her idea. A travel pillow with case, a book that you enjoyed, a postcard, all tied up with a pretty ribbon. I got it all at Walmart so no running all over town to get it done. Address the postcard to the teacher and write a sweet note from your child. It is budget friendly. You can even give them used books and write your note on the inside of the book, "I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. Love, little Johnny's mom" 


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