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Friday, August 15, 2014

Still Recovering from D & C

It's been many months since I went in for my D&C to clean out the candida. Of course, it takes me a long time to recover from the pain of surgeries and injuries. When I went in I was having pains in my vaginal canal. That turned out to actually be a hernia also known as prolapse of the uterus. The muscles in the walls of the vagina weaken and my bowels are creating a bulge. Yes, it's painful also. Some people actually have their uterus fall down. Fortunately, I've never had biological children so that is less likely to happen to me. Mine is probably caused by chronic constipation. So I'm now on daily stool softeners and activia yogurt which totally goes against my Candida diet because of the sugar content. But whatever! After the surgery I had pain in my entire uterus, of course, it had been cleaned out. But it hasn't gone away. Back to the Candida. Yes, the procedure worked for a while. I felt so much better. ALIVE! I could tell I had been living with a infection and was free! This is what it's like to be healthy. I was great while it lasted. I was told to stay on the diet (except for the activia) for 3 more months and slowly come off of it. I did that exactly. But as I came off the diet the Candida came back. I can feel the sludgy feeling coming back, the exhaustion, what it's like to live with an ongoing infection. And I'm still in pain. Except now I have the pain from the hernia and now my entire uterus hurts. My Candida level is very low. Let me stress that. Very low Candida right now so I am going to try a cleansing and some other stuff to see if I can get "healed" where as I couldn't before because I was just so riddled. As far as medication I did have to take the oxi and ibuprofen for about two weeks afterward, but I came off as soon as I could. I have kidney damage and I can't afford to run medication through my body if I don't have to. I'm trying to stay off the donor list if I can. I do take tramadol now on the days that I absolutely need to. I get asked a lot, "So what do you do for pain?" For me, since a lot of mine is due specifically to inflammation I am able to use lavender oil. I put 5-6 drops straight lavender oil in my palm and rub it right on my lower abdomen and it actually helps. I do have to do it several times a day, but it works almost immediately and I'm not hurting my kidneys or having other side effects. Plus I smell great! Lavender has been my best friend through this procedure. It is what got me off the drugs. I'll post some Candida fighting recipes using essential oils. Thanks for being patient with me while I disappear for long periods. Hope you all are staying strong!

*essential oils are not FDA approved. All comments in this blog are my sole opinion and based on personal experience.