"I only get one life and I will not let Fibromyalgia take the joy from my living it."

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Circumcising Candida

I went back to the ob/gyn for a follow-up on my Candida. I still have it, which I could have told you that. I also had a bacterial infection. I took some pills for the bacterial infection and did a cream suppository for the vaginosis. Three nights of Terconazole. He said that because of where we live, almost subtropic, there is a genetic strain of yeast that is particularly hard to kill. He also showed me a chart of something that could be growing in my uterus, polyps I think, that could be causing the yeast. I really need to start recording my conversations and taking pictures of the charts because when  I leave I don't remember much. I'm supposed to do the treatment and wait 6 weeks. If I still have the vaginosis we can do a D&C with hysteroscopy to have a look and clean it all out. In the conversation I mentioned that I don't ever hear of men having Candida. He quickly corrected me and said that they do indeed, especially uncircumcised men. He told me of one man who was circumcised when he was 32 to control the Candida growth around the penis. He told the doctor he wish he had just been circumcised as a child because then he at least would not remember it. Then I was talking about circumcision with someone else and she said that her husband had to be circumcised in his thirties due to recurring UTIs. So men do suffer the same things us women go through it's just all hush, hush. I'm not happy that men suffer. However, I was about ready to have a hysterectomy. You know when you're desperate you'll try anything. I was at that point where I figure if I'm not going to bear children, and if men don't get this, obviously not having a uterus is a plus in the battle. But I guess not. And of course, I don't really want to go into early menopause. But you know you get irrational when you're at wits ends and malnourished. So now I'm hoping this is just something he can go in and scrape out and be done with it. We'll see.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Introductory to Essential Oils

I've been so fascinated with how well the essential oils have been working on our kids. In addition to the lavender oil I've been using on her eczema, I've been using the lavender for their teething pain. So instead of using Tylenol I've been rubbing lavender oil directly on the emerging tooth and it does seem to calm them. Especially when they start grinding their teeth. That drives me nuts!
 I've been so impressed with the oils. I love being able to treat ailments without taking medicine internally or giving medicine to my children. So, I decided to buy the introductory pack that includes the lavender, lemon and peppermint oils. Evidently those are their top three selling oils because they are the most versatile. It comes with a CD that tells you how to use them. Of course, I've been using the lavender on her eczema. But my husband was congested so we used peppermint on his chest and sinuses.  It worked! I've also used the peppermint on my stomach when it's been upset.

You may remember that this time last year I wrote about getting so sick when we traveled at Christmas that I felt like I was allergic to the climate of my home state. This year I went prepared with the nausea patches that you wear when you go on a cruise. However, I didn't have to wear them. I don't know if it's the diet that I've been on or luck. I did get a little nauseated a few times at night in the car when on windy roads in the country. But that's always a complication for me because of my sensitivity to lights. It's just hard at night because it's dark everywhere and then bright lights from a car or signs, etc. and it makes me sick. I used a combination of this oil Motion Eaze that I got at Walmart for less than $10 and Peppermint essential oil rubbed on my stomach or just inhale.
 I decided to give the PastTense® Tension Blend a try for headaches instead of popping Tylenol or a migraine pill as soon as it's coming on. With two toddlers I don't have time to wait for a full blown migraine to hit me so unfortunately I do try to cut it off early. It did work, but I will say that when the directions say to apply to your neck, forehead and temples then lay back and relax what it really means lay back so that the oil on your forehead and temples don't run into your eyes because it will bu-urn. I usually don't have time to sit back and relax. So I'm just putting it lightly on my temples and neck then continuing on with my day. Honestly the headache does come back after a couple of hours, but mine do with my RX meds too. Usually only a night's sleep get rid of mine. Sometimes I even wake up with it again. But this at least buys me a little time, med free, to keep going. 

*essential oils have not been approved by the FDA. All comments are my sole opinion and based on personal experience.