"I only get one life and I will not let Fibromyalgia take the joy from my living it."

Friday, March 28, 2014

Dust And Clean

On Friday, March 7th I went in for my D&C with hysterescopy. I did have polyps removed along with some scar tissue. The D&C should clean out all of the Candida. He said that the polyps can make it difficult to get rid of infections. When the Lord said you will have pain in child birth I don't think it was limited to the actual birthing process. I think just having the equipment is painful. I tell you what, all kinds of stuff just grows up in there. Doesn't it? Polyps, tumors, endometriosis, yeast, bacteria. We might as well hang up a welcome sign. He said stay on the diet and give it three months to heal. If I'm feeling fine I can skip my appointment and come back for my annual. Right now I think I'm doing ok. My biggest complaint is the pain from the procedure. I am still having pain. I started on Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen. I was on that for the first week. Now I'm on Tramadol. I guess I thought I would be better by now, but I shouldn't be surprise. It always takes me longer to recover from anything.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Seaweed Shmeeweed

I tried roasted seaweed the other day. I saw it in the store. The package said MSG free, gluten free, sugar free. Oh look, something I can eat. It was like licking the inside of an aquarium. You know how your fish tank smells when it needs to be cleaned? That's exactly how it tasted. Why do people eat this stuff? I let the kids try it. They can't talk yet but I know they were saying, "You wouldn't let me put that leaf in my mouth the other day but you want me to eat this!" Even the dogs wouldn't eat it. Then my husband tried it. Seriously, after seeing all our reactions you're still going to try it? I can't get you to try good food but you'll try something that almost made me throw up. I will remember and remind you of the day you tried seaweed forever.