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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Yeast Away Product Review

Yeast Away is a homeopathic remedy made by Boiron. This is the same company that makes Oscillococcinum, the flu medicine. I've had success with Oscillococcinum so I wanted to try this product for my Candida. It is a seven dose suppository treatment that you use at night. The main ingredient is boric acid. I had great relief while using the product. In fact, so much that I let myself hope that I had been cured. Sure enough, just as with the end of my menstrual cycle, the symptoms did return when the treatment was over. They did not return nearly as severe. However, I could tell  that I was not healed because I still had the milky leakage. It was not until I slipped on my diet that the itching and burning began again. The product was a bit of a hassle to use though. It's pretty much a two person job. The instructions tell you that you can insert the suppositories lying down or sitting. I did not find this to be true. Every time I tried to do it sitting down they would just fall out. I recommend not inserting it until your lying in bed ready to go to sleep. The problem with that is that it only comes with one application wand which means it has to be washed and dried after each use. Of course, you are now stuck in the bed. So your loving helper gets the task of washing the applicator and throwing away the trash. I also recommend using heavy sanitary napkins and sleeping on a towel because this will leak through the night. On occasion I even had to change my clothes in the night. Very inconvenient. All in all, though, the results were worth the trouble. I just wish the results were longer lasting. It may be something that needs to be repeated every few months or a couple of times a year depending on your severity.

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