"I only get one life and I will not let Fibromyalgia take the joy from my living it."

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Yeast Away Product Review

Yeast Away is a homeopathic remedy made by Boiron. This is the same company that makes Oscillococcinum, the flu medicine. I've had success with Oscillococcinum so I wanted to try this product for my Candida. It is a seven dose suppository treatment that you use at night. The main ingredient is boric acid. I had great relief while using the product. In fact, so much that I let myself hope that I had been cured. Sure enough, just as with the end of my menstrual cycle, the symptoms did return when the treatment was over. They did not return nearly as severe. However, I could tell  that I was not healed because I still had the milky leakage. It was not until I slipped on my diet that the itching and burning began again. The product was a bit of a hassle to use though. It's pretty much a two person job. The instructions tell you that you can insert the suppositories lying down or sitting. I did not find this to be true. Every time I tried to do it sitting down they would just fall out. I recommend not inserting it until your lying in bed ready to go to sleep. The problem with that is that it only comes with one application wand which means it has to be washed and dried after each use. Of course, you are now stuck in the bed. So your loving helper gets the task of washing the applicator and throwing away the trash. I also recommend using heavy sanitary napkins and sleeping on a towel because this will leak through the night. On occasion I even had to change my clothes in the night. Very inconvenient. All in all, though, the results were worth the trouble. I just wish the results were longer lasting. It may be something that needs to be repeated every few months or a couple of times a year depending on your severity.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Love Like A Foster Mom

Someone emailed this to me and I wanted to share it. 

Interpretation of the 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 through the lens of foster care

"Love waits through the lengthy court process. Love doesn’t try to prove you’re the better parent or manipulate for your own good. It doesn’t insist on things happening on its timetable. It is not irritable when visitation schedules change ...or resentful when goals aren’t met. It does not rejoice when Mom is arrested or tests positive for cocaine or fails to show up for a visit, but rejoices when progress is made and family connections are built. The love of a foster mom bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things."

love like Jesus

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres."
(1 Corinthians 13:4-7 NIV)

Lavender Oil for Eczema

Our daughter has horrible eczema. I've changed our laundry detergent, her shampoo, body wash, lotion, everything. It all started when she had her first ear infections and got a yeast infection from the antibiotic. Before that she was totally fine and had no problems whatsoever. But after several ear infections and rounds of antibiotics she evidently formed eczema too. I was treating some diaper rash with coconut oil when a friend who sells doTERRA oils suggested lavender oil to treat her eczema. She gave me a sample that she mixed with fractionated coconut oil and within one application I could see a huge difference. So I started to treat her eczema with lavender oil. What a change.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My, Oh, My! One Little Word And Suddenly I'm Famous!

I wrote an article about Morgan Freeman. Someone left a comment below the article to tell me that a photo was posted on a Facebook page with a quote from Mr. Freeman that very closely resembled the tag line from my blog. Hmm?! I'm glad to know that I said something so astounding that someone would use it to be quoted as coming from Morgan Freeman. It would definitely sound better coming from his voice than mine, that is for sure. You know, he probably just repeated it after hearing me say it in one of our many lengthy conversations he and I have had, right? I can forgive him for that. 
"I only get one life and I will not let Fibromyalgia take the joy from my living it."
This is the tag line from my blog and has been for several years. Of course, the creator of the Morgan Freeman photo did leave one word out which I guess makes it okay to take a quote from one person and attribute it to someone else. Although, I doubt Mr. Freeman knows anything about this. I sure didn't. I've been too busy trying to figure out how to be a mom to two one-year-olds while living with a body that seems to continually betray me. But I'm glad that my article about Morgan Freeman made such an impact after he shared his diagnosis with the world. So, have you noticed the one little word that suddenly turned me into a famous person? "My." Which is exactly what this blog is all about. Fibromyalgia effects every person differently. This is My Fibro. This is My Life. This is My Choice to not let Fibromyalgia take the Joy.  Let this be the mantra for all of us. After all, Mr. Freeman and I are very wise when we speak.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Moms with Fibromyalgia: Solutions for 6 Months to 1 Year Old

As I traverse the earth with my kids most people look at me and think "She just has to have everything, doesn't she?" I know this because some people actually voice this out loud. It's not about having things. It's about having Fibromyalgia. The following are products that I have been using and recommend for the mom with Fibro who needs that little extra help to make life easier. Yes, I know our parents didn't have them and we turned out fine. But just because they didn't have access to them doesn't mean that we shouldn't use them to make our lives easier. It doesn't mean that we're totally spoiling our kids. We're spoiling ourselves. Now that we're the parents, we can do that. To read the previous posts, click here and here

Poo~Pourri Jr. Lil’ Stinker 

From the makers of Poo-Pourri: before you go toilet spray. So the regular spray for the bathroom really works. So when I saw this for diapers I grabbed it. Any nursery stinks, wreaks! It's hard to handle. But especially if you have sensitivity to smells. This says that it is actually for cloth diapers, but I use it on our disposable diapers. And it works. It doesn't cure the problem, but it does help.I bought mine at Sam Moon, but you can find a wide selection of Poo-Pourri at boutiques or you could visit their website

 Silicone Bib

Feeding time is so messy. Yes, I say feeding time like they are animals at the zoo. Many days it's best to just feed them in their diaper. But it still pays to wear a bib to save their little chest from unnecessary scrubbing. Cloth bibs stain, get wet and must be changed and washed frequently. The plastic bibs with fabric backs wipe down, but still need to be washed and then have to air-dry and the fabric back takes a while to do so. The silicone bib can be wiped clean and dried immediately. It can be run through the dishwasher. And the teething babes love to chew on the edge. Okay, that's actually a down side since the back gets dirty and then gets on them. But I still like these the best. I wash mine after every meal with dish detergent and run it through the dishwasher periodically for sterilization. You can find them easily and affordably by Tommee Tippee at Babies 'R Us or Target. However, I don't like it the best. The tightest the neck will go still leaves quite a gap and food constantly ends up down my daughter's shirt. Many times the closure comes undone completely and she just pulls it off. And the pocket at the bottom doesn't really stay open to catch food. I prefer the brand Make My Day, pictured above. It cost more, but it's worth it. The pocket stays open and it has double closure. Plus, there is a super cute design. Boys' looks like a tuxedo and girls' looks like they're wearing pearls. I bought mine at a boutique, but you can find them on Amazon.com.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Booster Seat

Love these high chairs. We have this model and another one. We got them because we are limited on space and we wanted to be able to strap them to our kitchen chairs. The toy tray can entertain your baby while you make lunch or clean up. I say "can" entertain because my babies just wail while I prep. So I've learned to fix breakfast before they wake, lunch while they nap and dinner while they nap in the afternoon. Otherwise I have one hanging on each leg. However, we do take these chairs with us when we go out to eat and the toy trays come in very handy then. When it's time to eat, just pull the toy tray off and you have the regular tray which can also go in the dishwasher. So far we've never been to a restaurant whose chairs our booster seat did not fit. I ordered one of them from Babies 'R Us but you can also get them on Amazon.com.


Wuv our Wubba. Our son had no self-soothing abilities. None. It was at about 7 months that he finally began to self-soothe thanks to the WubbaNub. It's a little stuffed toy that is attached to a Soothie brand pacifier. With work and practice we taught him how to bring the pacifier to his mouth himself when he was upset. This was much easier for him with the Wubba than the pacifier alone. He eventually began to find it in his crib and soothe himself in the night. Finally, at one year he is now sleeping through the night. He is still very dependent on his Wubba. But he's pretty much only using it at night now. There is a very limited selection at Babies 'R Us but you can purchase them at, you guessed it, Amazon.com.


We call this the Wubba Rescue Squad. No matter how many pacifiers you put in the crib they will all end up behind the crib, out of your reach. After using hangers, wrapping paper rolls, and everything I could we ended up buying this at Walgreen's.

Oball O-Links  

I always loved the links so that I could attach toys to the stroller and play pens, etc. It keeps me from having to bend all the way over to the floor saving my back and keeping the germs at bay. But as much as I love them they do tend to come apart. Then I found this handy thing. Made by Oball who usually makes toys. The only openings are at each end. And the closures are really tight so they hold firm. I use them to for toys on the strollers, car seat because they love to throw their toys down while I'm driving or line up several to hang along the edge of the play pen. This is much better than the links. We still have our links. It's nice to have the option of lengths and the kids like to play with them individually but this is much better as mommy's helper.

Praise Baby 

Praise Baby Collection is better than Baby Einstein! I had tried several different baby videos that were just music and pictures that were supposed to entertain,stimulate and education my baby without feeling like I was just sitting him in front of the t.v. I wanted him to play while this was playing. I saw this in the sale flyer of the local Christian bookstore. I had no idea what it was, but I bought it for the sale price. When I put it in and saw his reaction, I knew we had struck gold. He was enamored with this video. A few days later I went back and bought every one they had. I don't know if it's the camera work, the set design, or the uplifting Godly music. But it is truly set apart from any other baby video. People would always comment that Quito was the happiest baby they had ever seen. I really attribute that to the fact that we worked really hard on his media intake. The television was never on when he was in the room unless it was an age-appropriate, child safe program. But most of the time I only played Christian music all day long. He never heard violence or even arguing. So, really, what was there ever to be upset about, right? Check out these videos. They are awesome.You can get them at Barnes and Noble.


So, this isn't actually a product. It's a service. Honestly, lately, if it doesn't have to do with my kids, I don't leave the house unless I have to. I don't have time to shop, I barely have time for errands. Amazon makes it easier. And we are prime members so we get the free 2-day shipping on lots of things, plus we can watch a lot of movies and television shows, too. And since we never, never, never watch t.v. having Netflix and Amazon Prime are a great way to be able to watch television. Of course, we are usually several seasons behind. But there's no commercials and we don't have to wait between season finales and the next season's premiere. But then again, once then kids are in bed, we only last about 30 minutes before we fall asleep in our chairs.