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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Set Back

After being on a strict Candida Diet for almost a month I thought I could try a few bites of something a Thanksgiving Dinner. I was talking to my friend. After everything I've tried with the diet, probiotics, antifungals and nothing is working I thought what is the point of trying if nothing is working. Granted, I've only been doing this for a month and people live with it. After one month I at least have my major symptoms under control. The discomforting ones that is. But the internal stuff is still there so I know that I still have this. At Thanksgiving I literally took three bites of cheesecake. The next day I was raw and blistered with increased levels of discharge, obvious discomfort and itching. It was like I started all over. So now I know what the point of the diet is even if it doesn't cure you. It at least controls the symptoms. I will remember this the next time I consider taking just a few bites of something with sugar. Then, of course, I told myself that if I'm really good maybe I can have something by Christmas!

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