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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Do Or Diet

I've had this yeast infection since July. It started when I had to take those IV antibiotics and ZPack that I took back when I wrote this post. I did the two rounds of Diflucan and Fluconazole but it didn't go away. I've been doing oral probiotics and oral antifungals. The only time I have any relief is when I am on my menstrual cycle. The moment it is over I start itching and burning again. I've decided to bite the bullet and go on the Candida diet. Many of you know I've been on the GURD diet for a couple of years now. So my diet is already very restricted. Although these two diets do overlap in some areas, adding yet another restrictive diet will decrease the amount of foods I can eat even more. So I am not thrilled about this treatment option but I don't see any other way.

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