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Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Is No Vacay

So our babies got sick. And of course I caught it too. It was Thursday that I started to feel it. I had the whole stomach thing. I was feeling weak and sore all over. During the night, I started to feel like I may not be able to take care of the kids. I was afraid to even pick one up. My legs were cramping so I figured that I was dehydrated. My husband was out of town and not getting back until Friday night. He began work on getting an earlier flight. I sent a shout out for help via Facebook and a text to a select few friends during the night. At about 4 o'clock in the morning two girlfriends showed up before the first baby was to wake. They just took over. Then at 7 my friend, Hot Momma, showed up to take me to the new emergency clinic in town. They did a CT scan and said they were afraid I had appendicitis and they wanted to send me to the hospital for a surgical consult. That clinic did not have a surgeon because they did not have an operating room. They gave me the option of two hospitals. I chose the one that I take the kids to. However, they told me that there was no surgeon available at that location. (Then why offer it?) There was a surgeon waiting at the closer location. I didn't want to go to that one because it was  the place that misdiagnosed my gall stones the first time they did the ultrasound. So I agreed to the latter with trepidation. When I arrived they told me they wanted to take me in for an open appendectomy. I asked if they had reviewed the CT results that were supposed to send with me. However, they had NOT sent them with me. I told them I was not consenting to surgery until they had reviewed the CT scan. They insisted and I had to throw a full out fit to talk to anyone with any sense. I even asked for a patient advocate and was DENIED! Finally, the surgeon came in and I explained to him why I was not consenting to surgery. He, miraculously, got the CT results. He and the radiographer agreed that my appendix was just barely enlarged and that I did not need surgery. With the blood work they thought that I had gastroenteritis, an infection in my intestines. But they wanted to recheck my blood work in the morning to see if my white blood count had gone down. They kept me on fluids and IV antibiotics. The whole thing was a horrible experience. There was an old woman down the hall that was yelling obscenities faster than Melissa McCarthy. And a man kept banging on the wall and screaming to be let out. I asked the nurse if he was locked in his room. He said that "they don't do that here" and that the man just thought he was locked in, but not to worry because there was someone watching him. I felt like I was in a state mental hospital. And then there was the whole thing with the hospital trying to do an unnecessary surgery. My husband was not able to make it back until late Friday evening. In the meantime, Hot Momma took great care of me while organizing troop on the home front. My kids and dogs were completely taken care of. I was busted out Saturday night with instructions to start taking a probiotic. A big leap from appendicitis. The sad thing was that I slept through the night. It was the best rest I've had since December. I've been exhausted! My friend had recently told the hubs that I am supposed to get whatever I want for Mother's Day. I had jokingly said a vacation. This was not exactly what I had in mind.

*Melissa, if you should ever read my blog I actually really like you. Loved Samantha Who? I imagine you are really sweet in real life. I just needed a current foul mouth that everyone would recognize.

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  1. You are so blessed to have people who would come to your aid in a time of need. There is a hospital I would almost rather die than go to, largely because when I did go there, they nearly killed me. I offer my sympathies in having to deal with such a place with the incompetence that abounded there. By the time I'm posting this comment, I realize this took place quite a while back. but I wanted to throw in my two cents just the same.