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Friday, April 5, 2013

We're Getting A Baby Girl!

On Friday, a week ago today, our caseworker was at our house during a regular visit for our foster child T-Hug, affectionately named for online purposes. During the visit she said that she needed us to think about something. There is a baby girl, 3 months old, who was being adopted by a military family. They got orders to move overseas. No matter what way they worked the adoption with expediting it, mom staying being, etc., the adoption could not be finalized in time. They have to give her back. We were the agency's first choice to take this child. It is almost certain that she will be adopted and they would not give her to us if they did not think it would go that way. They knew that we have our hands full with T-Hug. He has a lot of special medical needs and a very full schedule. It would be hard and he is not expected to go back to his family until he is at least a year old. They gave us the weekend to think about it. We knew that it would be a struggle, but we did not want to turn down what is almost a sure adoption just because it will be a challenge.  There is always a chance that it will not go through, but that is with every adoption. We have chosen not to share her birth mom's story and why Baby Girl ended up in the adoption loop. Baby Girl has a right to know what happened before everyone else knows. So it is her decision. When she is old enough to ask and understand, we will tell her. If she wants to share, she can.  What you need to know is: 1. She was not an accident. 2. God has her right where He wants her, even if it is not forever. Are we scared? Yes. Are we overwhelmed? Yes, just at the thought of it all. But as I recently read in our ladies Bible study book  7,
"Obedience isn't a lack of fear. It's just doing it scared."

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