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Monday, March 18, 2013


On St. Patrick's Day I went with a group of friends to Austin to ride the PubCrawler. It was so much fun! It was my first time to do it. I will admit that I was a little nervous because it is a physical activity. But I've always wanted to do it and they were going with or without me. And for me it happened to be a good time because I was actually on all my medications. So I'm at my best right now. So what's a pubcrawler? It's a bar on wheels. A tandem bicycle to be exact and you have to pedal to make it move. You can take kegs, boxes or wine or ice chests of whatever drinks you like as long as there are no glass. You pedal and drink as you crawl Austin. They make a couple of stops and give you time to go into a few bars if you want. We chose to eat. I had the best turkey reuben I've ever had at Opal Divines
me and my husband
It was so much fun! SO MUCH FUN! Yes, parts of it were difficult but we did have several people on board that were not pedaling at all. So I definitely would not suggest booking it full of a Fibro convention. Afterward and the next day my butt hurt. It was like where the seam or edge of my underwear had been pressing into the seat. I thought that it was my sensitivity to touch, but my husband said that his hurt too. The front of my legs were a little irritated where the edge of my shorts had rubbed while I pedaled. 
Absolutely no visible sign of anything just, again, my sensitivity to a touch that is not normally there. I would not recommend going in the summer because we got warm, from the sunshine and exertion, even though it was not a hot day for us. If you're ever in Austin it is a must do!

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