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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stress and Aging

I had my follow up appointment with the ob/gyn after my dramatic period in October. I had been keeping a journal of my periods, flow and pains, etc. The good news is that for now I'm not  bleeding to death. So I will not be having a hysterectomy. However, the doctor says that I'm aging faster than I should be. He was concerned that the stress of fostering was mostly responsible for it. He wanted to know how much longer this child was going to be with us. I told him 6 months to a year. He looked displeased. He said that I really needed to have a complete blood panel work up, but that if it was to be done now it wouldn't tell us anything. I'm so stressed out that my results would be skewed. He postponed my well-woman exam. So I'm supposed to go back in six months, continuing with my journal. He said we'll talk about hormones. He knows that I don't want to do hormone therapy because my mom had breast cancer from early menopause and hormone therapy after a hysterectomy. He said that we're not just going to be talking about estrogen. That there are a lot of chemicals that can be adjusted. I said, "Well, now I'm just gonna worry until then." He said, "good." I guess that means this is supposed to be a wake up call or something? I am a natural worrier. How is worrying going to de-stress me? I'll tell you how. Because I always forget about myself. Give me a few days and I'll be back into the role of mom of a special needs baby scheduling umpteen medical tests, doctors and therapy appointments. I can barely remember to write in my menstrual journal, much less worry about what the doctor meant about . . . What was it he said again? I don't know. . . something about . . . me.

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