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Friday, February 8, 2013

RIP Ellie

I've always been inspired by this young man and his dog. My heart is broken to learn that she died this morning. This is what my friend said: "Seth's service dog, Ellie, was hit by a car late last night and died early this morning from extensive internal and external injuries. Our heart aches for Seth and our family. No 22 year old college kid should have to make the decisions he just had to make. We are so grateful for his friends that helped him last night. We will miss her so much. She was a world traveler, Luke's best friend, a steal your food when you aren't looking kind of gal, even a few months shy of graduating college, and just over all fantastic seeing eye dog. If there is a doggie heaven then I know she is receiving some amazing angel wings for the outstanding work she did keeping our Sethy safe from harm. RIP Ellie. we love you".

Please keep Seth in your prayers. Few of us ever know what it is like to truly depend on another. For many years she gave him a great life. He should never have to have been put in the position to have to end hers. This was truly a tragic accident. Please pray for his healing and that of his family. God bless all his friends who will help him through this.

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