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Saturday, February 9, 2013

My GERD Diet

It's been a year and a half since I started the GERD diet. I did it because I was having stomach problems as a result of tearing up my stomach using Aleve. It took a long time to recover. During that time I also had my gall bladder out. Between the pain of my stomach and my gall bladder I could barely eat. Plus, the diet was so restrictive that when I did eat it was so low fat that I wasn't consuming many calories. I lost 55 pounds. After losing our baby, I have gained back 10 pounds from emotional eating and starting to eat things that are not on the diet. Okay, it's probably 10 pounds of sweet tea. But I'm from the south. Sugar is in our blood. Whether it's mimosas, mint juleps, sasparilla, or sweet tea. You've heard of southern hospitality. How do you think we got so sweet? Of all the things I missed, sweet tea was one of the most. When I felt better and became more relaxed I started hitting it hard. If I can kick it again, I'd probably continue to lose. I've been asked several times how I lost the weight. I'll admit it is a hard diet. As soon as I start with it people immediately say, "I can't do that." I always start with the things that people love the most so they can reject it immediately. NO beef or pork, no alcohol, coffee, soda, tea or chocolate. That's usually where people tell me to stop. Well, it required no exercise. So here's the full extent. Basically you are avoiding all fat and acids. Nothing that can aggravate the stomach. So no vinegars (pickles, dressings, olives), citrus or tomatoes, fat of any kind. No carbonation (sodas, beer, champagne, sparkling waters). And look at the labels because almost everything has citric or absorbic acid in it. Basically you have to cook everything from scratch and just drink water.

FOOD GROUP                               AVOID                                                                  SAFE

Meat                                     No beef, pork, or other red or fatty                   Turkey, Chicken, Fish
                                              meats. Lunch meat, processed meat.                 Grilled, baked, roasted
                                             Fried foods, fat & skins on meat. 
                                             Sausages, hot dog. Anything brined. 

Dairy                                  All Dairies must be low fat. Sour Cream           Low-fat products, Egg
                                            Ice Cream, Eggs,                                                    Substitute, Mozzarella
                                                                                                                              Cheese, Chocolate Milk

Grains                               All breads must be low-fat.                                   Rice cereals, oatmeal,
                                                                                                                              Quinoa, rice-pastas

Fruits                                 No citrus in any form, tomato or tomato          apples, melons
                                            juice, cranberries or cranberry juice                bananas, pears, grapes
                                                                                                                             peaches, strawberries,
Vegetables                        Anything Fried Raw                                              Most stuff as long as it 
                                           onions, peppers, radishes                                     has not been fried,
                                                                                                                              pickled or brined

Beverages                       Caffeine, Alcohol, Carbonated                            Water, Skim Milk
                                          Beverages, Tea, Coffee                                           Pure juices with no acids

Fats/Oils/Condiments   Anything with fat, vinegar, pickles,                   Seasonings that aren't too
                                           No animal fat products, Butter, vegetable        spicy, about 2 Tbls
                                           oils                                                                           extra virgin olive oil a day
                                          Mint, Curry, Black Pepper, Some Strong 

Misc.                                Hard Candy, Gum, Chocolate                              

This is the diet my GI doctor gave me. You will see different versions in your research.


  1. I have GERD too. I am working on eating more healthy so that it won't bother my stomach so much plus I so need to lose a lot of weight.


  2. In my case my stomach hurt so bad that I could barely eat anything. When I first started it hurt everytime I ate, even when I obeyed the diet. For about two months I lived on Soy shakes made with skim milk and fat free yogurt. Then I worked up to adding oatmeal, Chex rice cereal and apples, grapes, etc. It took a long time. I literally could not eat anything that was not in the diet or I was on the floor in a ball. So going cold turkey for me really wasn't a choice. That's the ONLY way I have been able to lose the weight. Then they kept telling me I did not need my gall bladder out. I was to the point where I was going to cut it out myself. Evidently that's the level of pain I need to be able to have the discipline to go on a diet.

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