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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Walking the Dog Is No Yo Yo Trick

I have started to walk. As in around the neighborhood. I haven't been able to do this in awhile. The Fibro was a factor and honestly my weight was a factor as well. I've lost enough weight and my Fibro is doing fairly well considering it's winter. Bradley is my walking partner. He is my three year old chocolate lab. Yes. That's the answer to the question that I know popped into your head. Yes, he pulls on the leash. Like he's a husky and I'm a sled. That's why I don't walk both our labs at the same time. I would have road rash from my chin to my toes. So I bought the Gentle Leader by Premier. You've probably seen it. It's a little harness that goes over their nose. The leash attaches to the bottom of it instead of to their collar. The idea is that it works like a bridle on a horse. If they pull, then the leash pulls their head down. Typical stubborn lab on a mission, when Bradley's head gets pulled down, he keeps on with the mission. They are work dogs and evidently the goal of a "walk" is to get back to the house as quickly as possible. It does work because he doesn't pull as bad. But he does pull it taut. Of course, with a dog as big as him we have had one occasion when I thought I would not be able to control him when a cat was underneath a car and he really wanted to chase it. I used to walk them with a traditional harness where I could have much more control in stopping them by planting my feet firmly in the ground. As well behaved as they are, they do have their moments.When I first started walking I was getting shin splints from pounding the ground when he was pulling me. That was before the Gentle Leader. Then I started getting blisters. But I bought new socks, laced my shoes to the highest hole and put Vaseline on the blisters before walking. I don't walk very long or fast. But I can tell that it does help both me and Bradley.

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  1. We have Shar-Pei/black Lab cross dogs, and one was 100 lbs. The pulling was a problem until the Gentle Leaders, then way better. I feel your pain. They are amazing companions, but, wow, so strong and stubborn! Glad to hear you are out and about!