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Monday, November 26, 2012

Allergic to My Home State

I traveled home for the week of Thanksgiving. We left the Saturday morning  before. I realized a few hours into the trip that I had forgotten my pill organizer but I didn't want to turn back (again). I thought that maybe one in week the meds would not have time to get out of my system and I would be okay. Sunday morning I started to get car sick on the way to church. I basically stayed sick the entire week. I tried dramamine, meclazine, saltines, candy canes and sprite. By Sunday morning I had only missed one dose basically because I take Lyrica at night and Cymbalta in the morning. Although I do take Topirimate at both and it is for vertigo and nausea. But that's awfully quick to get sick. And I was nauseated the entire week. I decided it had to be the climate. I used to be sick all the time before we moved to Texas. One of the things we considered about San Antonio was that the weather is much more stable. It's not as humid. It's always worse in the winter because the sun sets early and the car headlights are difficult with my sensitivity to lights. My sensitivity to smells and sounds was flaring up. I was miserable. We came home early.  I never thought I'd be so glad to get back to Texas. I did get some Phenegran from my aunt to get me home. I was sick and had to take the second Phenegran only 2 hours after the first one. But we made it back. Sure thing, when I woke up on Texas soil the next morning I was fine. Can you believe that? Totally fine.

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  1. My daughter and I are both allergic to Colorado (my home state). Between the altitude and Denver's pollution, we both suffer. Haven't gone back in years, for that very reason. She was blue around the mouth the last time we were there for more than a week!