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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Honey Baltic Amber

I was looking for more Baltic Amber on Amazon to help with my migraines. I was looking at a piece that I liked, but noticed that it didn't say "Baltic" it just said "honey." So I googled to find out the difference. Evidently each color of amber helps with different ailments. And the Baltic Amber has more of the succinic acid than does the amber from other regions. So when choosing your amber for medicinal purposes, choose Baltic. And here's a little guide to help you choose your color courtesy of this website which also had some other great information on this topic. So check it out. 

Listed is the preferred Baltic Amber type next to each ailment:
Sensitive skin – Ruby
Eczema due to allergies - Lemon
Fatigue and Chronic fatigue syndrome –Ruby or multi Baltic Amber

Migraine Headaches –lemon or honey Baltic Amber
Menstrual Cramping – lemon or multi Baltic Amber

Back Pain – ruby or cognac

Chronic Pain –lemon or honey Baltic Amber

Muscular Pain – ruby, cognac or multi Baltic Amber

Morning Sickness,etc – lemon Baltic Amber

Acid Reflux – lemon or honey Baltic Amber

Rheumatoid Arthritis –lemon or multi Baltic Amber

Stomach problems and upset – honey Baltic Amber

It also helps calm and decrease stress –honey or lemon Baltic Amber

Then I ran across a pendant that I liked and the listing indicated that it was Certified Genuine Baltic Honey Amber. So look for that too. 


  1. Belladonna is an excellent migraine helper. I take it in summer when I'm prone to sun migraines. You may have to get it via a health food store but it's worth the trouble in hunting down.

  2. As you will see in our gallery, true amber preserves with exceptional clarity. Amber presents a window into our past, preserving in a golden phial a history nearly forgotten.baltic amber

  3. Solorn, Belladonna can be poison if you take too much, please be careful with it. But I agree, in tiny doses, it does help migraines a great deal. :)