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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Can A Hysterectomy Help With Fibromyalgia?

This is one of those graphic post so if you are squeamish, don't read it. And I'm going to just jump right in. I've had a rough week. Tuesday began with lower back pain like I haven't had in years. I started my period last Wednesday. On Thursday I went to the mall because I had to get dog food so Bradley didn't die. Just before I left the house I had put in a super tampon. When I got to the second store I felt something. So I went to the bathroom and realized I had not put in a tampon. I couldn't believe I had left the house like that. How careless. So I put in another one. I took off my panties because they were messy. That store did not have what I needed so I left and went to the next store. They also did not have what I needed so I went into Ross. So, I've only been going for about 30 minutes maybe since I left the house and I feel it again. I go into the bathroom and my shorts are completely ruined. I go to put in a new tampon and realized that I had put in one when I left the house so now I actually had two in. So I pull them out. Blood just starts going everywhere. It's all over the toilet, running down the outside of the toilet. I get scared and start shaking. Sometimes, it's good to have a baby with you. I use the baby's wipes to clean myself and the toilet. I put in a new tampon and I put a diaper in my shorts. Ross is among many things, a discount clothing store. I go straight to the pants section. I grab a couple pair of pants that might fit and go to the changing room. I call my friend and tell her that I think I'm having a miscarriage. I didn't know I was pregnant and we were not trying, but what else could it be. She comes and gets us. She tells me that I am completely white. I was weak and shaky.  I just wanted to go home. So I get home and go to change and clean myself up. Then I pass this huge piece of tissue with a few more pieces to follow. I didn't know what to do so I fished it out of the toilet and put it in a diaper. It was after business hours and I didn't want to go to the hospital. I knew they couldn't do anything for a miscarriage. So I decided to wait until the next day to go to the doctor. The bleeding slowed but I continued to pass small clots into the next day, but I was still cramping. The doctor did urine and blood tests along with a pelvic exam. He said that he did not believe that I had a miscarriage. He described a scene like this. When a farmer harvests his field he may miss a spot. The next year he may miss a different spot and certain areas become overgrown. The uterus is similar. The lining may not completely come out with each period and parts may become overgrown. Parts can even become bottle-necked near the entrance. Then with a dramatic period where there is lots of blood loss the excess tissue can come out which is what happened to me. The tests confirmed that I had not been pregnant. The exam left me in more pain. I finally quit bleeding on Sunday, but was still sore.  On Tuesday I had a trans vaginal sonogram to see if I had anything left that needed to be cleaned out or if I had any cysts, etc. Everything was clean which is good. However, he said that these dramatic periods could continue and even get worse and become a problem with blood loss. Considering my medical history and complications, my inability to take birth control, my desire to not take it due to wanting to avoid hormonal treatments he said that I may end up needing a hysterectomy. He is having me keep a journal of my periods for the next few months and then I go back for a follow up. I asked about ablation. He said that he could stop the bleeding with that, but not the pain. There is only a fifty fifty chance of the pain stopping after an ablation. I asked if I just felt the pain more because of my Fibromyalgia and he said that he has several patients with autoimmune disorders who do much better after a hysterectomy and are able to come off their medications such as Lyrica and Cymbalta. That would be nice to come off of those. I am young and do have concerns about the long term affects of their use especially on my liver. He said that they cannot tell if I have endometriosis until I am in surgery. They cannot see it on the sonogram. If I am covered with it on my ovaries, they could take those out as well. I feel like this "dramatic period" was an isolated event. But maybe he's right and they are going to get worse. And the thought of possibly getting off the meds would be nice. But this is a huge decisions. Of course, we would get a second opinion before having surgery. Does anyone know anything about this? Has anyone ever gone through this? I value your suggestions and knowledge.


  1. They think my hysto is what triggered my fibro. I was 34 years old. I have done nothing but suffer since mine. Not just the fibro. But putting your body into immediate menopause is really hard on it. The hormone replacements don't help that much and now they don't give them to me anymore due to the increased risk of breast cancer from taking them. LOL You can't win. I am not sure if it would help, I just know I would keep your ovary's if you can. The emotional backlash is something I can't even explain. I had never been sick a day in my life till 2006. Good luck! Let me know if you get any other feedback. I would be really interested to hear what others have to say.

    1. Good grief! That sounds just like my story. I was 32, told I had endometriosis - and that a hysterectomy plus removal of ovaries etc would be the way out. Alas, life has been diabolical ever since. And, the pathology report showed no signs of endo. My organs were fine ... Big hug!

  2. Hello there. I landed on your blog page after googling links between increased fibro pain and the use of chemical laden tampons. I also just turned 34 and have been struggling with a debilitating case of fibro for over ten years. I had a c-section three years ago and after that, my pain and muscle weakness worsened a hundred fold. I was completely miserable raising a new baby who grew into a toddler while struggling just to get out of bed.

    However, recently, I was introduced to a holistic healer and acupuncturist who started me on lifewave patches. The results have been no less than miraculous. Additionally, when I have a flare up (which still happens from time to time because of some dietary/environmental trigger) I visit her for ear pellets which are tiny little seeds patched onto the ear which correspond to the areas in your body which are in pain. Whenever you feel pain in that area, you pinch the seed and get instant relief.

    I know you are in Texas but you may be able to find someone near who uses the same techniques. My doc's site is www.bestbodybalance.com - she also suffered from debilitating fibro, migraines, and psoriasis before using these techniques to cure herself so she's been where you are. You may also be able to call her and see if she can refer you to someone close to you.

    As for surgery, what I know from my experience is that this only causes further stress to the body, thereby increasing pain. It would be best for you to find an alternative solution. In the past three years, I visited over a dozen conventional doctors who offered no answers or solutions for fibro other than prescriptions which added temporary relief and then caused awful side effects. I take the time to write such an in depth response because I know what is like to suffer every hour of every day. With lifewave patches, I am able to have a normal life again. The light at the end of the tunnel has expanded to become my reality and I have now emerged from that ever depressive darkness.

    I wish you healing and peace and hope you find the path that will lead you there.


    You can also read reviews on amazon. The apin patches are called icewave but I use them in conjunction with the Y-age series.

    If you ever want to discuss it further, please don't hesitate to contact me. :)

  3. I had a hyst last year due to endometriosis..it sounds like that may be what you have..it is very common for fibro and endo to be overlapping conditions. I had trouble with taking bcps before, but they didn't bother me after the endo symptoms...it helped alot with the cramping and pain. I think it would be good to get laproscopic surgery to get a definitive diagnosis. Best wishes. Hope u feel better.

  4. Did you have the hysterectomy and did it help?

    1. No, I did not end up having the hysterectomy. the dramatic periods resolved themselves. I guess i just needed one good natural cleaning. I've had the lightest periods I've had in my life since then. And it's a good thing that I didn't have it too since I have come down with prolapse of the uterus which a hysterectomy can worsen the situation. Like my previous consideration of ablation, I think it's probably just best to avoid drastic surgeries if you can avoid it. But each situation is different. I think I tend to get lucky. I don't actually believe in luck, but that's the phrase one uses.