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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sugar and Spice and Everything Tulle

We've had our little foster baby girl for just over two weeks now. After the first week I would have said that it was a lot different having a healthy child. But this time it only took a week for my Fibro Mommy Foggy Brain to kick in as I was already forgetting things. However, she became increasingly agitated and seemed to be in great pain. They changed her formula to soy and that has seemed to help along with the gas drops. Yet she is still colicky and wants to eat every hour. By that I mean that she wants to be "topped off" every hour. She's not hungry, she's just not full. I know how much her belly can hold now. If she goes 2-3 hours she can take 3 to 4 ounces. Alas, she demands one ounce on the hour, every hour at least during the day. At night she can make the 3 hours at a time. But the days are hard. She will not be soothed with a pacifier or swaddled. She cannot go to sleep unless there is a bottle in her mouth. If she wakes up after 15 minutes of sleep she has to have that bottle to go back down. The doctor says she's two young to start a dependency on the bottle to get to sleep but I'm not so sure. Someone suggested that she has growing pains since she has had quite the growth spurt since coming to live with us when she was 13 days old. I have ordered her a Baltic Amber necklace. It worked for Quito and me so I'm willing to give it a try on her. Whether it's growing pains, gas pains, or just uncomfortable maybe it will help her. I'm not going to let her sleep in it though. I'm afraid her little hand will get up under it. I'm only going to let her wear it during the day when I'm watching her. I'll let you know if it makes a difference.

One month old. Wish I could show you more but I can't post anything that would identify her. She was wearing butterfly wings. So cute!


  1. Hi. :) I think it's so wonderful that you have taken in a foster girl! I actually came upon your site as I was looking for fellow sufferers of fibromyalgia. I recently broke the only office chair I own, and am trying to raise enough money to purchase a new one. (I had NO idea chairs could be so expensive!) I was hoping that you could share my gofundme link with your readers and/or directly contribute to my fundraiser. I know it sounds silly to a lot of people out there that I'm trying to raise money for a chair, but I thought that as someone who also experiences fibromyalgia pain, you would know how important this is to me. Thank you so much for your time!

  2. Hello I too was searching info on fibro and came upon your post.
    Our 1st & so far only grandbaby did almost the exact same thing. Switched her to soy used gas drops and swaddled her.
    This is what calmed her and she started eating more. As grandma and my daughters husband was deployed and grandpa wasn't deployed yet so he too would help with this. First we bought the battery operated swing the kind that reclines back and plays tunes. Then I would wrap her tight and hold her to where her face was near my neck but I could put my cheek up against hers and I would hum not sing it was the vibration of my humming that soothed her. Believe me I can't sing but I would hum everything I could think of while I rocked her in rocking chair or standing. Once I knew she was asleep I would put her in the swing and turn it on. There is a heartbeat as one of the tunes I would put it on it. She started sleeping longer which in turn eat more. I usually had the first half of the night my daughter the second. Mornings I would grab her so my daughter could sleep longer. Then she would take her all day til about 5pm. Then grandpa if he was home early or as soon as he did get home he would help til he had to go to bed.
    Another secret was to put the drops in her feeding. Eventually things got better. But even now she is gonna be 1yr old she likes the humming rocking and she even hums herself to sleep.
    It seemed like she never really liked her formula. I don't think she has ever drank a whole 8oz bottle.
    Funny thing is she has a cup all day but only wants that formula just enough to fall asleep at bedtime and naps.
    I wish you good luck. Every baby is different. What works for one may not work for another. She needs to bond with you and your husband. Hold her against you so her skin comes in contact with your like under your chin close to your neck.
    Just give her your love and it will all get better. <3

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