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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Harnass Your Fears

That's the slogan at Wimberley zip lines. Have you ever wanted to go zip lining? I have and I finally got my chance. Partly due to having been sick recently I finally dipped below the weight restrictions. Men have to weight below 250 lbs and women must weight below 200 lbs. I had told myself that if I ever lost enough weight to go that I would. So my husband and I went with his parents to an eight line course. I will say that it was not as thrilling as I thought. However, it also was not as scarey as I thought and those two go hand in hand. If I had been somewhere exciting and exotic maybe it would have felt a little more adventurous. I did not get motion sick, though, I did have a little vertigo the first couple of times. The guides said that it was from looking at the cables and seeing the vibrations in them. So if you go, do not look at the lines. Once I was mindful of that, it was a little better. I have heard that you can zip line through the giant red woods in California. I would like to do that. But even if you're just going to a more local venue, it's not a bad way to spend your afternoon.

This is me in the "school" learning how to do it before we all went out.
 Me, husband, in-laws

Me coming in for a landing on one of the lines.

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