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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Baltic Amber

Mine and Quito's Baltic Amber necklaces with polished stones. 

So I was walking through the church nursery to pick up our foster baby and I said, "cute necklace" to one of the little babies. The nursery worker told me it was a teething necklace. Not a necklace that the baby chews on, but a necklace that somehow relieves pain associated with teething without having to use drugs. I was totally interested in this so I stayed to talk to his mother. She has four children. The fourth one had just been born, but the three older ones had all worn these teething necklaces and still wore them. She said they all got their teeth in and she never even noticed them teething. Our little Quito was starting to teeth so I went home that day and looked it up on amazon.com. While I was on there I saw that I could get one for myself. I thought maybe it would help with my neck and shoulder pain. The necklaces are made from Baltic amber. Baltic amber is petrified tree resin. Wearing it against your body allows your body heat to warm the amber releasing the succinic acid which helps with pain and inflammation. You can buy necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, all ranging in prices from $20 for a basic necklace like mine or several hundreds of dollars for a designer piece with a large stone. I purchased mine from a store on amazon called The Art of Cure. I put one on Quito and one on myself. Quito has cut his two front bottom teeth with absolutely no fussing at all. I was wearing my necklace everyday, sleeping and showering. I had taken it off because I dressed up for church on Mother's Day. I forgot to put it back on. For two weeks I was having migraines. I was taking my Imitrex everyday. Then I realized that I didn't have my necklace on. I put my necklace back on and within a day I was back down to just dull headaches and then eventually they were gone again. I told the doctor that as long as I was wearing it I wasn't having many migraines. Occasional headaches, but rarely migraines. She said, "wear it." I've been asked if I think that it is a psychological effect. I don't think that it is because when I first put it on I forgot about it. And I had forgot about it when I took it off and was having migraines everyday for two weeks. It was only then that I realized maybe it was working. Plus, it had worked on the baby and he certainly was thinking about it. Do a little research and give it a try. A $20 treatment is nothing if it ends up working for you. And if it doesn't, you still have a pretty piece of jewelry.


  1. Nice info! I didn't realize there was a way to test amber, (at home anyway.) I recently watched a program on amber and I guess it's getting harder to find the Baltic type.

  2. I have used amber necklaces for several months now on my 2 sons for teething. They are amazing. I just thought about googling their use for fibromyalgia tonight and found your blog. Glad it's working so well for you, I think I'll order myself one now.