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Sunday, February 19, 2012

To Med or Not To Med

I've been off the Lyrica for a while. I actually ran out of my prescription and having had to find a new doctor I had to make an appointment to get meds. Well, with a baby that has been kinda difficult. So I ended up off the Lyrica and getting it pretty much out of my system. I thought I was doing okay so I told the doctor I wanted to try to go without it. Well, it wasn't much longer that all my sensitivities to external stimuli started crashing back down on me: The sensitivities to touch, smells, sounds, lights, motion, changes in temperature. I'm more fatigued now even though I'm getting more sleep than when the baby first arrived. I've had a few episodes of vertigo. I'm nauseated a good deal of the time. And I've had migraines a lot. Now when I talk about nausea I'm not talking about the nausea with migraines. I'm experiencing it without the headaches. And I experience sensitivity to light and sounds without migraines. So these are not all migraine related symptoms. It is sensitivities to external stimuli that is triggered by the Fibromyalgia. Lyrica has worked for me. I was taking 150 mg three times a day. I knew I was going to have to go back on it. In the meantime, I have lost 43 pounds with the GURD diet and all the troubles I've been having with my stomach, etc. I know that when I got on the Lyrica last time I blew up like a balloon. I'm afraid that going back on it would cause me to gain back all the weight I've lost. I was going to schedule an appointment for the doctor to get back on it, then all of a sudden, BAM!!!, I ended up in the emergency room and had my gall bladder taken out. Well, not being on the Lyrica made that recovery even harder. I just think had I still been on my meds it might have been a little easier. Not easy, but a little easier. So this week I finally went to the doctor to see if I could start back on the Lyrica. I am also going to try to function on a lower dose. I'm starting at 75 mg a day for a week and then going up to 150 mg once a day. I'll see the doctor in a month.

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  1. So sorry to read about your medication woes. We don't need all this extra stuff on top of the health issues. Hope it gets sorted soon.xxx