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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Surgery: Second Edition

My original post about my surgery disappeared when I opened it in my iPad to publish a comment. So I am rewriting it. I know this one is totally different since my first one was written while still half high from whatever I was on when I left the hospital. I'm sure you'll get more detail and less sarcasm. I guess the truth is gone now along with most of my memory of what happened those couple of days.


Some of you may know that I've been struggling with GI problems since this past summer. First they did an ultrasound on my gall bladder that showed no stones. Then it was determined that I had an inflamed stomach after a scope and biopsies which also showed that I did not have any ulcers, polyps or Celiac Disease. This was probably because I had been using Aleve in conjunction with my migraine medicine for over a year after moving here to manage my migraines. I didn't know that Aleve would tear up your stomach. So don't believe the commercials that say to use it everyday. I was put on the GURD diet to heal my stomach along with some medications. As of early January, I've lost 35 pounds just by observing the GURD diet. If I ate anything that was not on the diet I was in pain. My stomach didn't seem to be healing. They changed some of my medications and that seemed to help a little. In early December they did a HIDA scan to see if my gall bladder had just quit working. The results came back abnormal. The gall bladder was supposed to empty 40% but only emptied 20%. The doctor said that it was not enough to removed the gall bladder. Lots of people live with it like this and I was just to let him know when I couldn't handle it any longer and we could take it out. So his diagnosis for me was a little bit of GURD, which I never feel, maybe a little bit of IBS, and a gall bladder that isn't fully working. Sunday night, Jan. 22, at about 10 pm I had an episode that was the most painful so far. I tried to wait it out like normal, but couldn't. The pain was so bad I was vomitting. I told Rob he had to take me to the ER. I was beginning to think that there was something else wrong with me, but at the least it was time to take out the gall bladder. A little after midnight we went to the ER. They did an ultrasound and found gall stones, so obviously the first one I had six months ago was wrong. My liver was enlarged and my white blood cell count was up which indicated that I had an obstruction. They said that I had probably passed a gall stone. That would require a second procedure later to locate it and retrieve it, however they would verify that during surgery.I was treated for pain, admitted and they did surgery first thing in the morning to have my gall bladder removed. When I woke in my room later I still had all the pain from before we went to the ER and now the pain from surgery. They had given me morphine, but it was not working. And they couldn't give me anything else until the morphine was out of my system. So I had to wait out the pain until they could give me something else. It was a very unpleasant few hours. The morphine did however make me nauseated so I was not able to eat the liquid diet they gave me. They would not let me try saltines or oatmeal or anything else I thought I could tolerate because I first had to successfully hold down the liquid diet before going on to a solid diet. Because of my pain level and inability to keep down the liquids they kept me overnight. They did finally get me something that helped with pain, I think it was some kind of muscle relaxer. About 3 am I told the nurse that I was really hungry and would like to try to eat something, but that they wouldn't let me during the day. This nurse was a lot more relaxed. She brought me some cheerios and I held them down fine. So she went into the computer and changed my diet to get me oatmeal for breakfast. About mid day I was released to come home. My mother-in-law is here to help take care of the baby and my parents are coming after her. When I took the bandages off Wednesday as instructed, I found that I had 6 staples. They did not tell me this before I left the hospital. I go to get those out next week. 

Taken a few weeks ago at the reception following a friend's Change of Command ceremony.

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