"I only get one life and I will not let Fibromyalgia take the joy from my living it."

Friday, July 29, 2011

GI Have An Ulcer

Went for the follow up visit after my ultrasound yesterday. I do not have gall stones. There is always a possibility that the gall bladder is not working, but she doesn't think that is it. She is thinking it's an ulcer. Not sure why I would have one of those ;0) She's trying me on some meds and probably sending me for an upper GI. I told her that I was in pain at the moment. She had me take some Maloxx right then in the office. She told me to get lots of fiber naturally in my diet and plenty of water. We picked up some Maloxx and Zantax on the way home. The nausea is a lot better so I'm thinking that it is because I was off the Topirimate. I go back next week, but she told me that if it got worse through the weekend to go to the ER because it could be the gall bladder not working or a lacerated ulcer.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Giving In Or Giving Up

It's one o'clock in the morning and I'm still up with abdomen pain which the doctor thinks is my gall bladder. I had my ultrasound today and go for my follow up appointment tomorrow. I'm thinking of my neighbor who had emergency gall bladder surgery. I have less than 24 hours to make it to my appointment. But I have considered a trip to the emergency room. I've taken an antacid because I had forgotten that she told me to do that. I don't know what good that would do. I'm tired but I can't sleep. These are times when I wish I actually kept real sleeping pills in the house. I run my hands into my hair and grab it by the fistful. I don't pull, it's just a habit I have when I'm in pain. I don't know why I do it, it doesn't help. The pain is now in my kidneys and spreading to my joints. I'm starting to flare up. I've given in and taken the last Hydracodon that my husband had from his ankle sprain. My aversion to pain pills doesn't seem so important right now.

Blood Suckers

I know that's not my usual positive outlook on things. But I hate when they take my blood. I always call it "taking my blood" because I never willingly give my blood. I have a phobia as a result of poor treatment during a test as a child. That probably also serves into my fear of doctors and tests. However I had to go to the doctor because I was out of my prescriptions and was feeling sick. I had completely run out of my Topirimate which I take for nausea, vertigo and migraines. I was also out of Amitryptaline which I take for sleep. So I've not been sleeping well and I've been nauseated for almost a week, living on Sprite and saltines, throw in the occasional nausea medication. Not a good diet. However I've also been having some abdominal and stomach pain. So they wanted blood. Of course, they did. This is a new doctor. They always want blood. Doesn't matter that my blood is perfect, no one ever finds anything wrong with it except anemia. I attribute this success to the fact that I try to keep my blood inside my body. Now I'm not trying to advocate against the donation of blood for saving lives. I admire and applaud those that do. However, I can't. I didn't even do it when my mom had breast cancer. I know, I'm a horrible daughter. But she actually released me of the obligation so I don't feel so guilty. Until I tell someone. So anyway, back to the doctor visit. In comes the phlebotomyst. I warn her that my veins are small and deep requiring a butterfly needle. And don't dig or I'll vomit. Hang on, let me lie down. OK, maybe that doesn't instill much courage in the poor girl, but I feel it's best to warn them ahead of time what they are up against. The first arm gave her one vial and just started the second vial before I started to clot. I ask, "How many vials do you need?" Four. "FOUR?" She's running a lot of test. The second arm gives her the rest of the second vial and starts the third. She says "You are a challenge," she will try my hand but if that doesn't work she will have to send me out. You know, out, as in another whole facility. Where all they do is draw blood. So I ask if they can still use the blood that they've already gotten. She hesitantly replies, "well, yes, but they like to keep it together." I tell her to keep going. I would rather her have to go to the other hand also and get it all than to have to start all over at another facility. And to be honest, I'm thinking I probably won't show up for about a week anyway and they seem to want this stuff pretty soon. But I would need time to recover physical, mentally and emotionally, you know? But the hand gives her the last of the third vial and all of the fourth. Yay! I walk out looking like a mummy with bandages wrapped around both arms and one hand. I make my follow up appointment for Friday afternoon and I have my instructions to go get an ultrasound of my abdomen. They think it might be my gall bladder. Great! That just means a hospital with an i.v. and everybody gets to see me naked.

Updated Medications List

  • Lyrica 150mg 3x/day for Fibromyalgia, morning, afternoon and bedtime
  • Cymbalta  60mg 1x/day, morning, for pain associated with Fibromyalgia
  • Topiramate 50mg 2x/day, morning and dinner time, for vertigo and migraines 
  • Amitriptyline 10mg 1x/day, bedtime, for sleep aid associated with Fibromyalgia
  • Molybdenum Picolinate  1 capsule/day, morning, supplement for sensitivity to smells
  • Sumatriptan 100 mg as needed for migraines, plus 2 Aleve
  • Ondansetron 4mg as needed for nausea
  • Promethegan 25mg as needed for nausea
  • Alphagan, one drop each eye, for driving at night
  • Prenatal Vitamins not because I'm trying to get pregnant but because I need so many supplements due to anemia, etc.,  and this is  the easiest way to get that dosage in the least number of pills

Monday, July 25, 2011

Breakfast Casserole by Sarah

My husband grew up in the South an ADORES breakfast casseroles...you know, the ones full of bread, Bisquick and all that starchy, yeasty goodness.  I scoured the internet, unable to find any recipes void of breads, baking mixes and tons of cheese.  Can you say frustrating?!?!?! I finally discovered a Cheesy Eggy Casserole recipe in my Taste Life! Organic Recipes cookbook which I modified to fit in with my anti-Candida diet.  May I just be honest for a moment and say, "It's fabulous!!"  Here's what ya do:

Breakfast Casserole
  • 1 lb. sausage, browned
  • 1 bag chopped spinach, thawed and drained
  • 1 1/2 cups coconut milk, unsweetened
  • 9-11 eggs, beaten
  • 2 cups cooked brown rice
I start by getting my rice cooking.  I use brown rice and it takes about 45 minutes to cook. This time, I had leftovers of my Lentils and Brown Rice and tossed that in instead of cooking a new batch of rice. 

Then, brown your sausage, drain and let it start to cool.

Scramble your eggs.

Mix all your ingredients together.

Put it all in a 9 x 13 casserole dish and top with a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese**.  Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes or until the center of your casserole is no longer jiggly.  Pull it out and enjoy!!

** Now, I know you're thinking, "Cheese?? We can't have cheese!!" However, in her cookbook Healthful Eating, Lynette Hall addresses the subject of cheese.
"Most cheese making is via a process involving bacteria and use of vinegar.  To acidify the milk bacteria is added so the rennet (either an enzyme from a calf's stomach or derived from molds and yeast) will work and aid in the curing.  The only cheeses usually allowed are fresh mozzarella, feta and ricotta.  These are the only cheeses you will see in this cookbook.  Mozzarella uses citrus acid for processing, ricotta uses lemon juice and feta ripens in salt to brine.  As in all other foods, get the freshest you can from an organic source."
I mostly use mozzarella cheese and have not had a reaction to it.  Obviously, if you have a reaction after eating it, omit from this recipe. 

This is a perfect option for a quick, easy breakfast once you have it cooked.  It keeps wonderfully and my entire family loves this casserole (especially my munchkins!!).  Hope you enjoy it, too!!

 ***Those with Candida react to foods differently.  These recipes are based upon my reactions to food and should be altered to fit your unique dietary needs. Please consult your physician.

find more recipes on Sarah's blog  Candida and Food

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Is There a Doctor in the House?

I have to find a new doctor. Mine has moved. I have approximately 3 months to find said doctor because I only have 3 months left of my prescriptions Lyrica and Cymbalta. I dread the search for a new doctor. When I went in for my foster care physical the doctor asked me questions about my prescriptions and why I was taking each one. It was as if she didn't know they were used for treating Fibromyalgia. I wonder how much she knows about Fibro at all. But I have to go back to someone, so I'll start with her and give her another chance and ask her these questions that plague me. Maybe she was just seeing what I was about. But the realization hit me this morning. I'm scared of doctors. I'm afraid that they'll close the door and trap me in the room and want to run all these test to find out what is wrong with me. Every time I have to find a new doctor they want to run test. I know what's wrong with me. I have Fibromyalgia.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Who Me?

I just found out that I was the featured blogger this week on the Fibro Bloggers Directory.  I'm just tickled pink. I had to call my momma and tell her because who else would be more proud, right? I really do feel honored to have been chosen. It still amazes me that people even read this thing. But really it shouldn't because at times Fibro can leave one feeling very isolated and alone. I write to log my journey and because we need a support group. So please continue to ask questions and give suggestions. And thank you so much for reading and being a part of my support system.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Buck It List

Me, jumping on the bed.

So you've heard of the Bucket List. The list of wonderful things you want to do before you die. But for those of us with Fibromyalgia, doing the things on our Bucket List are not always physically obtainable. Doesn't mean that we don't dream about them. And it sucks that we can't do them. It's not our fault that we have this and it keeps us from doing what we want, right? So Buck It! That's right, I said it! Buck it. Make a Buck It list. I got the idea from my friend Sharon. When I recently went home for a visit, my closest girlfriends and I spent one night in a hotel. No husband, no kids. We had the evening to talk, swim, stay up, do whatever we wanted. Sharon had seen a picture on Facebook of her, perfectly grown-up with grown children, friend jumping on a hotel bed. It was on her Bucket List. Well, honestly, my real Bucket List has grandeur delusions. However, I decided that I can make a more obtainable, Fibro-friendly, everyday-achievable Buck It List. So for all of those dreams that we have to give up because this dreaded Beast has taken it from us - Suck It! I can still do fun stuff.
I jumped on the bed at my hotel. La-Di-Da! Now my list isn't about sticking it to the man and doing things to show that I can break rules. It's about having fun and doing things I wouldn't normally do within the limits of my capabilities. However, I'm not stupid enough to jump on my own bed. It would crash. I mean, my husband and I have had it fall a couple times before, if you know what I'm saying. There's no way I'm jumping on my own bed. And this bed felt very sturdy. So go ahead. Next time your in a hotel. Jump on the bed! Although I will say that it wasn't as easy as I remember. I tried to do a jump and jack. It felt like the covers were just holding my feet down. We were trying to get a picture of it. So I thought I needed to do something straight up so I kicked my foot straight up to touch my feet. I would not have attempted this if I did not reach down to the floor everyday to stretch my legs. So I knew that I would not hurt myself. But check out my friend Miss Sarah. Yes this is Sarah from
Candida And Food. She did the best jump of us all. She normally would not be able to jump this high with a baby on each hip. Heidi jumped also, but she wouldn't let us post her picture. Maybe she doesn't want her kids getting any ideas. But I want you to get lots of ideas. Tell me what is on your Buck It List?

**we were using a cell phone so they are very bad pictures, sorry.

Fostering a Good Doctor

It feels like we've not made any progress on the fostering front since I last posted. I think they may be waiting for all of our references to come in. There were a total of 13 references, so that's a lot. And it seems there is just a never-ending pile of paperwork. I won't hear anything for a while and then they need a signature on something. But to my knowledge, after the references are in, all we have left is our final home study by our case worker and the individual psychosocial exams for both my husband and myself. If we had any children or anyone else living in the house they would have to have them as well. I had mentioned in a past post that I was concerned about having a primary care doctor sign off on my physical since I really had not even bothered to find a primary care doc since we moved here a year ago. Well, it happened. But not for the reasons I had suspected. I thought they would say that I couldn't care for a baby because I had Fibromyalgia. She just said that she didn't feel like she should sign off on it because I was taking several medications that she had not prescribed to me. She said that she felt I should go to the doctor that had prescribed the medications. If the agency gave me any trouble with that doctor not being my "primary" doctor as the paper noted, then to come back to her. I was relieved that I didn't have to fight for a child because I had Fibro. I totally understood the need to have the doctor who prescribed the medication be the one who signed the paper and I kind of suspected that to be the case when I went in. I had thought originally that my Fibro doctor should be the one to sign off on me since if they had any doubts about my physical ability to care for a child it would be because I have Fibromyalgia. So I went to my Fibro specialist. She just signed it and then gave me the grim news that she is relocating to Houston. I was very disappointed since I just found her and felt like I finally had an ally. It is so hard to find a Fibro-friendly doctor. I thought I had hit the  jackpot when I found her while reading an article on the National Fibromyalgia Association website. She is a specialist and has Fibromyalgia herself. So if anyone in that area needs a Fibromyalgia doctor, look up Dr. Aysun Alagoz.