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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Scope Results

Two weeks after my tummy scope I went back to the GI doctor for a follow up and to get my biopsy results. Now usually when I check in and they weigh me I say, "I don't want to know how much I weigh, I just wanna know how much I've gained." I haven't known how much I've weighed for a few years now. I just know it's ever increasing. However, on this GIRD diet I said, "Don't tell me how much I weigh, but I would like to know if I've lost anything on this lovely GIRD diet." She laughed and said, "You've lost 6 pound," in the last two weeks. Wow! OK, honestly I feel like I should have lost 50 considering I've been starving. I just haven't adapted well. I'm too unmotivated to find recipes that fit the GIRD diet that will feed my husband and myself. Instead I'm living on Slimfast and yogurt. The doctor said that I need to do this diet for another 2 or 3 months to get my stomach back to where it was. I asked if I could just add back tomatoes and lemons. He said I could try it after two more weeks. My biopsies were normal. They tested me for gastritis and Celiac disease. I asked if that was conclusive for Celiac disease. He said that the negative results were not 100% accurate. He explained how it lies in 1 of every 5 cells and it depended on where they took the biopsy. It's also all throughout the digestive system. So I could have it, but the strict diet would help know more as I add gluten back in. He said I shouldn't worry about going strictly gluten free, just maybe go lower gluten. I'll still be on medication for a few months also. He thinks I'll be fine once my belly recovers. I hope I can stay on this diet. It's difficult to follow, but I know I need it. I definitely feel the pain when I cheat. Maybe in a few months I'll have even lost weight. Problem is I know I'll gain it all back with the first normal meal I eat. That seems to be the side effect of the Lyrica or Cymbalta. They pull out every ounce of fat in any food and cause me to gain it. It's like the opposite of Alli. Sorry, I don't mean to be a downer. The good news is that I did loose 6 pounds and I didn't have anything really wrong with me. In time I should get better.

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  1. Hey, I know that diet! I've been living on yogurt and skim milk, myself. Congrats on the wt loss...it isn't an easy road to travel. But you are doing great!