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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Post Scope

It's Tuesday. I had my tummy scoped on Friday. The doctor laughed at me and said that I was much more enthusiastic than most patients to have this procedure. I said that's because I am ready to fix what's wrong with me. The procedure was easy breezy. They used an anesthesia and I went to sleep in the room, woke up in recovery. There was no memory of a tube going down my throat or anything.  The girl that did my I.V. did a great job getting it in. Just one poke in my hand. Thank you, ma'am. No more mummy returns. Now the recovery has not been as easy. Mainly because I'm starving, but I'll get to that later. They did not see an ulcer or any polyps. What they did see was that my entire stomach was red and severely inflamed. They did take biopsies for Celiac disease and gastritis. In the meantime they have put me on the GIRD diet to see if my stomach inflammation will calm down, along with some medication. So the GIRD diet is gastrointestinal reflux diet. It basically keeps you from anything good. Just kidding. The biggest deal is no citrus, acid, or fat. I can't have tomatoes or any kind of citrus fruit or fried veggies. Nothing fried, in fact. Actually, no oils at all. No vegetable oil. No animal fat. No beef or pork. No lunch meat, sausages, or processed meats. No coffee (even decaf), tea (even decaf or green), carbonated beverages or caffeinated beverages. That's hard because I drink a lot of Sprite to fight off nausea. No chocolate, peppermint or spearmint, gum or hard candy. That's hard because I sometimes use peppermint to curb the nausea. All breads and dairy have to be low fat. No dairy after 6 p.m. No food at all after 7 p.m. By bedtime, I'm starving. The second day was painful because I could feel where they had taken the biopsies. I felt like the inside of my stomach had been scraped. It wasn't excruciating, just painful. So I didn't really want to eat, which was fine since there was nothing in my house I could eat. Once I started eating I was just eating yogurt, cottage cheese, things that were cold and soft. It sounds weird, but I didn't want food that might scratch the inside of my stomach. After seeing the pictures I think it made my stomach hurt more just knowing how red and inflamed it is. I'm kinda living on Slimfast and water.

I would like to write more, but I'm starting to get a little nauseated from the computer screen so I'm going to have to sign off for now. Just didn't want to leave you all hanging anymore than I already had since Friday.

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  1. Hi, Carmen! I'm sorry to hear about your stomach. I have a very delicate stomach, too, from my bariatric surgery. I have lots of nausea, too. What causes yours? Any cures to get rid of it? I'd love to hear if there are. I take Phenergan tabs for my nausea. I hope you feel better. I'm praying for you!!