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Friday, July 8, 2011

Fostering a Good Doctor

It feels like we've not made any progress on the fostering front since I last posted. I think they may be waiting for all of our references to come in. There were a total of 13 references, so that's a lot. And it seems there is just a never-ending pile of paperwork. I won't hear anything for a while and then they need a signature on something. But to my knowledge, after the references are in, all we have left is our final home study by our case worker and the individual psychosocial exams for both my husband and myself. If we had any children or anyone else living in the house they would have to have them as well. I had mentioned in a past post that I was concerned about having a primary care doctor sign off on my physical since I really had not even bothered to find a primary care doc since we moved here a year ago. Well, it happened. But not for the reasons I had suspected. I thought they would say that I couldn't care for a baby because I had Fibromyalgia. She just said that she didn't feel like she should sign off on it because I was taking several medications that she had not prescribed to me. She said that she felt I should go to the doctor that had prescribed the medications. If the agency gave me any trouble with that doctor not being my "primary" doctor as the paper noted, then to come back to her. I was relieved that I didn't have to fight for a child because I had Fibro. I totally understood the need to have the doctor who prescribed the medication be the one who signed the paper and I kind of suspected that to be the case when I went in. I had thought originally that my Fibro doctor should be the one to sign off on me since if they had any doubts about my physical ability to care for a child it would be because I have Fibromyalgia. So I went to my Fibro specialist. She just signed it and then gave me the grim news that she is relocating to Houston. I was very disappointed since I just found her and felt like I finally had an ally. It is so hard to find a Fibro-friendly doctor. I thought I had hit the  jackpot when I found her while reading an article on the National Fibromyalgia Association website. She is a specialist and has Fibromyalgia herself. So if anyone in that area needs a Fibromyalgia doctor, look up Dr. Aysun Alagoz. 


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