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Friday, July 8, 2011

Buck It List

Me, jumping on the bed.

So you've heard of the Bucket List. The list of wonderful things you want to do before you die. But for those of us with Fibromyalgia, doing the things on our Bucket List are not always physically obtainable. Doesn't mean that we don't dream about them. And it sucks that we can't do them. It's not our fault that we have this and it keeps us from doing what we want, right? So Buck It! That's right, I said it! Buck it. Make a Buck It list. I got the idea from my friend Sharon. When I recently went home for a visit, my closest girlfriends and I spent one night in a hotel. No husband, no kids. We had the evening to talk, swim, stay up, do whatever we wanted. Sharon had seen a picture on Facebook of her, perfectly grown-up with grown children, friend jumping on a hotel bed. It was on her Bucket List. Well, honestly, my real Bucket List has grandeur delusions. However, I decided that I can make a more obtainable, Fibro-friendly, everyday-achievable Buck It List. So for all of those dreams that we have to give up because this dreaded Beast has taken it from us - Suck It! I can still do fun stuff.
I jumped on the bed at my hotel. La-Di-Da! Now my list isn't about sticking it to the man and doing things to show that I can break rules. It's about having fun and doing things I wouldn't normally do within the limits of my capabilities. However, I'm not stupid enough to jump on my own bed. It would crash. I mean, my husband and I have had it fall a couple times before, if you know what I'm saying. There's no way I'm jumping on my own bed. And this bed felt very sturdy. So go ahead. Next time your in a hotel. Jump on the bed! Although I will say that it wasn't as easy as I remember. I tried to do a jump and jack. It felt like the covers were just holding my feet down. We were trying to get a picture of it. So I thought I needed to do something straight up so I kicked my foot straight up to touch my feet. I would not have attempted this if I did not reach down to the floor everyday to stretch my legs. So I knew that I would not hurt myself. But check out my friend Miss Sarah. Yes this is Sarah from
Candida And Food. She did the best jump of us all. She normally would not be able to jump this high with a baby on each hip. Heidi jumped also, but she wouldn't let us post her picture. Maybe she doesn't want her kids getting any ideas. But I want you to get lots of ideas. Tell me what is on your Buck It List?

**we were using a cell phone so they are very bad pictures, sorry.

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