"I only get one life and I will not let Fibromyalgia take the joy from my living it."

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

When The Winds Of Fibro Blow

I've always loved wind chimes. Unfortunately that's another joy that Fibromyalgia could have taken from me, had I let it. See, I have hypersensitivity to sounds, especially metal. So the sound of wind chimes can send me spinning into nausea and migraines quickly. Which is sad because there are so many super cute wind chimes out there that I would love to hang in my garden. The only metal wind chimes that I can tolerate are the hand tuned ones that have the notes of a certain song like Amazing Grace or something like that. I guess it's because that are hand crafted and tuned to match each other. They don't clang together causing a grating noise that irritates my entire body. And when you listen to them you can actually hear the song. It's really neat. However, they are more expensive. Quite expensive actually. But, alas, there is one wind chime whose sound has come to soothe my soul and calm my body. The bamboo wind chime. The resonating tones of the wooden chimes are almost healing. I have three hanging in my (very small) backyard. Three different sizes so that it's like a choir. I love them. LOVE them! And it is wind chime season. It's time to replace the ones from last year that have been hit with the dog's ball while playing fetch and been broken, or the strings worn away because we have so much wind only a whirlwind chime
could tolerate. So I made my way to Hobby Lobby because they frequently put their chimes for sale at half price and they have a good selection. I know to cruise to store waiting for other patrons to be clear out of that aisle. I don't want to be in the aisle with other people because they may stir up a metal wind chime and, of course, I'll get sick. I dream a little and play with the one that sings Amazing Grace. Then I move on to my beloved bamboo. I need two new ones, a large and medium size. My little one is still intact because it was not in the path of the ball. I have two shepherd's hooks in the garden that I am going to hang these from (out of the ball's pathway) or I would not invest in the larger one. Some bamboo chimes have a bell hanging on the inside so I have to be sure not to choose one of those. Then I strike one that looks very interesting geometrically, but it's metal. Ugh! It's metal painted to look like bamboo. They did a really good job. It looks very convincing. I kinda feel violated. I was having my nice little peaceful, dreaming about which bamboo wind chime I was going to take home with me to soothe my soul and calm my body day, and then BAM! I guess that's just how it goes sometimes. Especially with Fibromyalgia. But I walked away until the wind chime calmed down. Then when it couldn't hurt me anymore, I went back to what I was doing, picking out what was next in my life. A big fat bamboo wind chime and then a dark reddish brown one that will go well with our garden. Because I celebrate the sound of wind chimes in my back yard. The little things that other people may take for granted. "Stop and smell the roses." You bet I will! If it doesn't make me nauseous, I'm gonna enjoy smelling it, I'll savor eating it. I'll take time to listen to it.


  1. Only someone with the sensory overload can understand this ... like me! Does the sound of
    running water from the kitchen faucet bother you? Or the clicking of a pen? Nevermind, I
    know the answer. :)

  2. Ha Ha, you're right, only someone with it can understand. We are in the process of becoming foster parents. I am really interested in the babies who are born addicted to drugs. They need a place with very little stimuli because that makes the tremors and everything worse. I feel like I can identify with them. I can think for them in a way someone who has never had a problem with external stimuli cannot.

    I thinks it's different with everyone. Let me see, what's worst for me:
    metallic sounds for sure. silverware, pots, pans. The sounds of stacking glass dishes and pyrex too. Actually maybe I'm just allergic to doing kitchen work. Just kidding.
    Alarms on cell phones, houses, cars, etc. Any kind of electronic beeping. The beep that goes off when the fries are done at a fast food restaurant. The beep of a microwave. The beeping of a timer. Unfortunately, the laugh of one of my friends. Just one though. When they drag tables or chairs across the floor at restaurants. When people clink their glasses together to make a toast. Most cell phone rings. Anything squeaking. Ice coming out of the ice machine on the fridge door. The doorbell because it makes the dogs bark.

    What doesn't bother me?
    Running water, love the sound of a river or ocean waves. Love the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind which I never get to hear anymore since we don't have trees. But I can hear my bamboo wind chimes right now :) My hair dryer even though it's right next to my ear. My oscillating fan, I almost cannot sleep without the sound of it to drown out everything else. Evidently my husband's snoring because I've learned to sleep through it.