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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hot Time, Summer In The City

OK, even my drought tolerate plants are all starting to lose their color. They just look a little gray. And the sun is literally burning holes into my bell peppers while they are still on the plant. I've not gotten one for us. The black birds are eating my tomatoes as soon as they start turning red. And then they go play in the dogs water bowl, since it's the only water for miles around. I know this because I find the tomato seeds in the dogs' water bowl. Seems the only vegetable I've had success harvesting is jalapeno peppers. Imagine that!!!! I'm getting used to the heat here, but it's still been easier than back home. At least I don't have to breathe water when I step out my door. It's funny to be running my A/C at 78 when we used to run it on 70 or 72. And for the most part it feels fine in the house at that temp. Like every summer before I find myself just hiding in the house in the afternoons, usually napping. The hottest part is late afternoon and early evening. If I even walk outside for a second I get a headache sometimes turning into a migraine. We're in a severe drought. The police cruise the neighborhoods at night and give tickets to the homeowners whose sprinkler systems are going off on their non-designated days. I think soon we will not be able to water at all. It actually did rain once during the night. Last night my husband said that he woke when it thundered and I asked him why he didn't wake me. He asked why he should wake me. I said, "So I could see the rain." I hadn't seen rain in so long, I would like to have seen it. He said, "So you're like a kid now who wants to be woken up in the middle of the night if it snows, except when it rains?" Yep.

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