"I only get one life and I will not let Fibromyalgia take the joy from my living it."

Thursday, June 30, 2011

My First Wheels

I flew home for a four day trip to see my girlfriends. I've gotten used to the stable, warm climate of South Texas. In fact we're in a severe drought. Well on the last day of my trip it began to rain. I was so happy to see the rain. I even took pictures because it had been so long since I had seen rain. I miss the sound of thunder and rain. What I wasn't expecting was how it would affect my Fibromyalgia. After we had breakfast and got dressed we decided to do just a little shopping before we headed toward the airport. We were walking into our first and only store when I ran into the door and started to fall over. I had an attack of vertigo. My vertigo is usually very well controlled. I may have a little dizzy spell now and then, but it goes away as quickly as it came. This one did not go away. I had to use a shopping cart to steady myself. But after that store it had eased up. However, my friend insisted that when I got to the airport I let them take me in a wheelchair through the airport. I've never done that and I felt so stupid. I told her that I thought you had to have some kind of doctor's note to get that. She said not if you tell them your sick. Because if you were to fall and get hurt and it was to come out that they had denied helping you, it would be a huge liability for them. I told her that if she came in an talked to the person when I checked in then I would do it. I still felt like an idiot. But when we talked about it I realized there were other reasons. For instance if I'm walking through the airport falling all over people they would think I was drunk or maybe under some kind of biological hazard material. TSA would probably not let me fly home. So anyway, they gave me no trouble. Just called for a wheelchair. But then they wheeled me straight to the front of the security line. I felt so bad for everyone who had been standing in line for security. They gave me a wooden cane to walk through the metal detector. Then I was taken on the plane with pre-boarding. Again, I felt so bad. But I guess they can't mess with a wheelchair when all the walking people are trying to get on. Then a chair was waiting on me when I had to switch planes and then again when I arrived home. I had texted my husband that I was coming out in a wheelchair so that he would not be surprised and freaked out. My husband also agreed that I should have taken the wheelchair. He said that since I was traveling alone I would not have been able to handle my two carry-ons, which is true. I just felt like everyone was staring at me. And they probably were. I was lined up with all these elderly people in wheelchairs and then me. People had to be wondering why I was in a chair and preboarding. I would have been wondering that. Even though I was not in full vertigo flare. I was definitely having a come and go spell. I decided that it must have been the rain. The barometric pressure fell and so did I. But I'm home now and feeling better except that I think I have some kind of cold. That's probably from lack of sleep while I was there. But it was such a great trip with my besties.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hot Time, Summer In The City

OK, even my drought tolerate plants are all starting to lose their color. They just look a little gray. And the sun is literally burning holes into my bell peppers while they are still on the plant. I've not gotten one for us. The black birds are eating my tomatoes as soon as they start turning red. And then they go play in the dogs water bowl, since it's the only water for miles around. I know this because I find the tomato seeds in the dogs' water bowl. Seems the only vegetable I've had success harvesting is jalapeno peppers. Imagine that!!!! I'm getting used to the heat here, but it's still been easier than back home. At least I don't have to breathe water when I step out my door. It's funny to be running my A/C at 78 when we used to run it on 70 or 72. And for the most part it feels fine in the house at that temp. Like every summer before I find myself just hiding in the house in the afternoons, usually napping. The hottest part is late afternoon and early evening. If I even walk outside for a second I get a headache sometimes turning into a migraine. We're in a severe drought. The police cruise the neighborhoods at night and give tickets to the homeowners whose sprinkler systems are going off on their non-designated days. I think soon we will not be able to water at all. It actually did rain once during the night. Last night my husband said that he woke when it thundered and I asked him why he didn't wake me. He asked why he should wake me. I said, "So I could see the rain." I hadn't seen rain in so long, I would like to have seen it. He said, "So you're like a kid now who wants to be woken up in the middle of the night if it snows, except when it rains?" Yep.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Treatment for Sensitivity to Smells

When I was at the chiropractor I asked if there was anything he could do for my sensitivity to smells. He got all excited and said "maybe." This got me all excited. If I could gain control over that it would be a world of difference for me. There is a supplement that has had some success for people. So I'm trying Molybdenum Picolinate at one pill a day. Here's hoping. . .

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

When The Winds Of Fibro Blow

I've always loved wind chimes. Unfortunately that's another joy that Fibromyalgia could have taken from me, had I let it. See, I have hypersensitivity to sounds, especially metal. So the sound of wind chimes can send me spinning into nausea and migraines quickly. Which is sad because there are so many super cute wind chimes out there that I would love to hang in my garden. The only metal wind chimes that I can tolerate are the hand tuned ones that have the notes of a certain song like Amazing Grace or something like that. I guess it's because that are hand crafted and tuned to match each other. They don't clang together causing a grating noise that irritates my entire body. And when you listen to them you can actually hear the song. It's really neat. However, they are more expensive. Quite expensive actually. But, alas, there is one wind chime whose sound has come to soothe my soul and calm my body. The bamboo wind chime. The resonating tones of the wooden chimes are almost healing. I have three hanging in my (very small) backyard. Three different sizes so that it's like a choir. I love them. LOVE them! And it is wind chime season. It's time to replace the ones from last year that have been hit with the dog's ball while playing fetch and been broken, or the strings worn away because we have so much wind only a whirlwind chime
could tolerate. So I made my way to Hobby Lobby because they frequently put their chimes for sale at half price and they have a good selection. I know to cruise to store waiting for other patrons to be clear out of that aisle. I don't want to be in the aisle with other people because they may stir up a metal wind chime and, of course, I'll get sick. I dream a little and play with the one that sings Amazing Grace. Then I move on to my beloved bamboo. I need two new ones, a large and medium size. My little one is still intact because it was not in the path of the ball. I have two shepherd's hooks in the garden that I am going to hang these from (out of the ball's pathway) or I would not invest in the larger one. Some bamboo chimes have a bell hanging on the inside so I have to be sure not to choose one of those. Then I strike one that looks very interesting geometrically, but it's metal. Ugh! It's metal painted to look like bamboo. They did a really good job. It looks very convincing. I kinda feel violated. I was having my nice little peaceful, dreaming about which bamboo wind chime I was going to take home with me to soothe my soul and calm my body day, and then BAM! I guess that's just how it goes sometimes. Especially with Fibromyalgia. But I walked away until the wind chime calmed down. Then when it couldn't hurt me anymore, I went back to what I was doing, picking out what was next in my life. A big fat bamboo wind chime and then a dark reddish brown one that will go well with our garden. Because I celebrate the sound of wind chimes in my back yard. The little things that other people may take for granted. "Stop and smell the roses." You bet I will! If it doesn't make me nauseous, I'm gonna enjoy smelling it, I'll savor eating it. I'll take time to listen to it.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

(One of) The Day(s) That Changed My Life Forever, So Far. . . . . .

It's been one year since we left our families, friends, church, my job, what feels like our entire lives and headed west on a new adventure. At first, I felt so bad for those first women who really did give up everything to pioneer the West with husbands they barely knew. All they had were letters that took probably months, if ever, to get delivered. I, at least, have phones and texting, internet with Facebook and blogging. But it wasn't long before I began to feel pretty alone myself. Thankfully, it did not last for long.

Our first few months were consumed with the move and mostly, for me, with the scare of breast cancer that was delivered just days before leaving (what my husband has conditioned me to now call "old home" because I still call it. . . ) home.  I never knew the first thing I would have to do here would be find a series of doctors. Having walked with my mom through her breast cancer I knew what could be ahead, but although admittedly scared, I was always at peace. God is good. I am healthy. Yes, even though I have Fibro I consider myself healthy, at least in this sense, because I'm not terminal.

However, that experience did get us moving quickly to find a church to sink our feet into. I had imagined us taking our time and visiting several churches. But the morning that we were to visit our third church I just asked Rob "can we go back to the second one? I think it's the one." We quickly got involved, joined a small group, I began attending ladies' Bible study, we went through Financial Peace University again.

It wasn't long though before Rob and I realized that we were having to learn to live together for the first time. Essentially for the first eight years of our marriage we had a long distance marriage. He traveled most of the time and we saw each other on the weekends. We moved here so that he could be home. So now we were living together for the first time really. It was like being newlyweds without all the mushy gushy stuff to get us through. But we made it through, much quicker than the first adjustment to marriage thanks to the prayer and support of our new church friends. The holidays were hard being away from our families for the first time, but both our parents came for a visit and we went home for Thanksgiving.

In the process of decorating the nursery
It was then that Rob and I felt called to start fostering newborns. We've been in that process since January. We've been training for the last three months. But we've just completed training. Yay! Though the paper process seems non-ending. The next step is all the home visits, fire and health department inspections. TB tests, physicals, etc. I am so concerned that I'll have to drive all over town trying to find a doctor that will sign off on me because they have to sign off on us be "able" to take care of up to four children even though I'm only getting one. Good news is they are saying will be verified soon. Then we get licensed by the state.

We have definitely made a new life for ourselves here. I don't know how people make a move like this without God, without being a part of His family. To be able to walk into a church and have a connection with people. They took us in, we made new friends. We're building a new life and a new home. What a difference a year can make.