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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sense of a Vegetarian

Have I mentioned lately that I hate cooking meat? Argh! I can never tell if the raw meat has gone bad or not. All meat smells like it has gone bad to me because the smell of any raw meat makes me want to throw up. Especially if there is blood in the package! I could totally never be a vampire, Team Edward or not. I'm always calling my husband into the kitchen to tell me if the meat is still good because I cannot tell. And I don't trust the dates on the labels when it smells foul to me. Well, tonight he called on his way home and said that he was hungry so I said that I would start dinner. Shredded pork tostadas, a Pampered Chef recipe. Once again I'm thinking "this really makes me want to be a vegetarian. I don't know how I'll eat this meal after making it." My hubs isn't here to tell me if the meat is still good. But there was blood in the bottom of the zip-loc bag that I had used to freeze the meat. When I threw the bag in the trash and smelled the meat in the pan by itself (yes, I'm still smelling) it didn't smell as strong. Other than the fact that there was part of a dead animal laying in my kitchen, nothing looked odd. So I'm cooking it and serving it to my husband. If you ever read another post from me you'll know that we made it. But don't get worried to quickly because you know that I've not been posting too frequently lately. The last thing I need is the CDC showing up at my door when we're trying to get a foster baby.

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