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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Applied Kinesiology

I went back for my second appointment to the chiropractor who does what he told me is applied kinesiology. I was very excited to get to take a few items that I use every day to be tested to see if I have a weakness toward them. I also took in my boxes of broth and cream of mushroom soup to have him look at them to see if they really were less MSG. He said that the boxes soups were better because they did have less MSG. But they still did have some. It's misleading because across the front it says "No Added MSG". However it has yeast extract which has some MSG in it. But it's still less. So it's a better choice than the can. He gave me some other suggestions I'm going to check into. So, on to my progress. He retested all my strengths and weakness from last week. There was a little progress, but I don't think he was really impressed. However, I had significant improvement on my weakness to MSG. He gave held the vial with the magnet up to me and then had me hold out my arm. I tried to keep him from being able to push my arm down. And I was able to hold it much more than last week! IT WAS AMAZING! What an amazing difference. I guess the treatment really did work. So I gave him a few items that I use everyday to test me. First was my little k-cup that goes in our coffee pot. Don't freak out, it's decaf. Okay, not always. But this one was. No reaction. Yay! Then I was tested for my Truvia that I put in my coffee. It's a natural sweetener that is made with the stevia plant. No reaction. He had tested me against stevia and got no reaction as well. Then we came to my little sticks of flavored Splenda. Now I'm getting nervous. But I was fine. No reaction. Yay! And, no, I don't use the flavored Splenda and Truvia in the same cup of coffee. Finally I had my tiny individual cups of flavored coffee creamer. This one happened to be Vanilla Latte. Love it! He put the magnet against it and then held them against me. I put my arm up and he pushed down. I tried to hold strong. Uh oh! He said, "try again." Nooooooo! I have a weakness against coffee creamer! It's the end of the world! Okay, maybe not really. But I was disappointed. He tested me against aspartame and I went weak. Since I didn't have the box with me I didn't have the ingredients. But he said he thinks maybe it has aspartame for which I evidently have an intolerance. I'm hoping that it's whatever it is that makes it be able to not be refrigerator. Only so I can continue to use my refrigerator creamer : ) I'm recently addicted to the coconut flavor in my iced coffee. So I can use Truvia and Splenda, but lay off the aspartame. If I want to cut it out avoid diet sodas and gum, etc. But he went ahead and treated me for it just as he did MSG last week. Since I tested strong for MSG this week he did not treat me for MSG again. I got another adjustment and then he checked on my progress with my exercises. I had trouble with the ones where your arms go above your head. It's because my shoulders are one of my major trouble areas. So he did a treatment where I moved my arms while he squeeze certain acupressure points. I'm not going to lie. It hurt. But he said that I did good because most people curse. Now I don't have to go back for another month, unless I have pain and need to go in.

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