"I only get one life and I will not let Fibromyalgia take the joy from my living it."

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Class Elbow

We've been doing our training for foster care. A lot of hours in the classroom, a lot of hours sitting at a table. Normally my sensitivity to touch is well managed, but with this much class time it means my elbows have spent much of the time on the table. Therefore, I am experiencing what I have named class elbow. Feels much like tennis elbow, which I have also had. My hand is also hurting from all the writing I've had to do from forms to fill out, notes and tests to take. Thankfully, I recently won some pain drops from a FibroMyWhat?'s blog contest. Perfect time to give them a try. I actually took them to my CPR class with me because I had wished that I had them the night before during class when my elbows and hands were hurting while trying to take notes and tests. I followed the directions and rubbed a few drops onto the area and rubbed it in good. I liked that it did not leave the skin greasy. I don't think that it stained my clothes either, but time will tell. Check comments for follow up on that if it does happen. It did seem to work. I don't know if it was the drops or the mini-massage. Unfortunately the directions say to reapply every 4-6 hours. My pain would return within 20-30 minutes. So it did give minor, if temporary, relief. I used it several times through out the class. This was the longest CPR class I had ever taken. It was from 9am to 6pm. In every other class I've taken we practiced on the dummy a few times and then took our written test and then our demonstrative test on the dummy. This class had us working on the dummies the entire class. There was a video and we watched the people demo it and then we practiced it several times. We did that with every possible scenario, rescue breathing only, choking, different sizes people, etc. Then we even had to practice on each other listening for signs of life and then rolling each other over for CPR and then into the recovery position. Thankfully we didn't actually try CPR on each other. Although we had to listen for each others' breathing, which was a little uncomfortable having a stranger that close to my face. Then he would call out a scenario and we would have to react with what to do. He would walk us through whether the person was breathing or what not and we would continue responding. It was a long day. So the next two days my neck, back, arms and hands were really hurting. My left hand was hurting the most because I was putting my right hand over my left while doing compressions. He had asked if anyone had any medical conditions that would prevent them from doing the physical part of the class that we could tell him during the first break. Had I realized that we would be doing so much I might have said something. But I thought surely I could do the test at the end. Anyway, I passed. And it could have been worse. And I recovered with the help of the pain relief drops. I'm going to keep using them. I even let my husband use them on a mole that he had scratched and it was hurting. He tried them and said that he thinks that they helped. It was not longer aggravated and so it shrank back down. They are worth a try.


  1. I am so very glad you got your pain drops. I just am so sorry it took me awhile to get them to you, due to me being so sick and then with having my bariatric surgery. But I'm glad you got them and like them. They help my back, too. :0)
    Hope your Fostering class goes well and you and your husband are feeling better.

  2. Hope you are well too. I have loaned the pain drops to my friend to try out on her hands because she has arthritis really bad. I'll let you all know how she likes them herself.