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Friday, January 7, 2011

Mail Order Madness

For over a week now I've had to take a half dose of my Cymbalta. The reason being because I didn't renew my mail order prescription in time. Then because we moved and the original prescription wasn't written by this doctor I couldn't just call and get a new script. I had to make an appointment and go in. Then there was the New Year's weekend and they were closed so I couldn't get in to the doctor's office until Tuesday after New Year's. They told me I could take my script in to CVS and they would do the mail order paperwork for me. That's what I did. CVS told me that would not work because they were separate. So now I actually have to snail mail my prescriptions in. Anyway, one thing after another. I've been taking my husband's Cymbalta. But he only takes 30mg and I take 60mg. I don't want to take two of his and deplete his supply, but I can't go cold turkey this whole time. And the doctor's office didn't have any samples because the reps aren't giving out samples since the economy has been bad. WHATEVER! All I know is that I am definitely in more pain over the last couple of weeks. I am more easily discouraged, I don't know if that has anything to do with the meds since I take it for pain. My mail order meds are a 90 day supply. I don't have any kind of reminder to tell me to reorder. So I don't realize that I need more until I'm getting low and looking for that next bottle. This needing the new prescription is just a yearly thing and having a new doctor is a fluke. Any suggestions on keeping up with your refills?


  1. Howdy! What I do is I have a little free program which is called a widget that I got off of Microsoft or Yahoo (can't remember which...fibro fog is setting in!!) and it puts a reminder notice on your screen. The program is called "Due." You can also get similar things like "post-it" pads for your computer that you look at every day. They really help me!!! I also, when filling my pill container for a week, notice which are low and I put the bottles out for refill. Hope these tips help. Feel better soon!!
    Happy New Year!

  2. That's awesome! I need to find that widget. Would you mind posting that on the facebook page to share with everyone there?