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Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Even though days get to the seventies, sometimes eighties, and we can often still wear shorts in the afternoon. Although today was a cold front and we had to pull out the jackets. It's still very sunny and no leaves have changed. But people have decorated their homes and the lights twinkle brightly.
Tree Trimmin'
The day after Thanksgiving we had a little tree trimmin' party with a few friends to put up our first Christmas tree here in Texas. Grandma Eva sent a surprise package. It was a stocking for Bradley. She made it for him to match the ones she made for Rob, me and Brodie. We've already received three Christmas cards. The first one was all the way from Honduras. Usually by now I've already taken our family picture and started sending them out.
But this year I have no idea if I'll even get to it.
We had our Journey Team Christmas party. That's our small group from church. It was lots of fun. I got a very funny gift from the gift exchange, but I can't say what it was because we're going to use it at another party.
JT Party Pic

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  1. Oh, how cute! I love the stockings for your "babies." My mom would decorate stockings for all of us and hang them up on the wall. It really made the apartment very festive!