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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Help! I Have Fibro And I Can't Go Out!

I know for me, going to the grocery store is a hassle and sometimes a huge challenge. It's exhausting. The smells make me sick. I'm back and forth because I can't find anything or remember anything no matter how organized my list is. You may remember reading about my embarrassment about having to ask for help with getting the bags out to the car when I look like a normal healthy person who should be able to do it myself. Then I have to get home and lug them all inside and put the stuff away. I'm getting worked up just writing about it. In fact, I've found myself making more frequent, smaller trips to the store. I guess it helps. It's inconvenient. It costs more in gas and time. But it's easier on me. I wonder. . . does anybody ever shop online for stuff like this? I mean, I order food from the Schwan's man. But what about other stuff. Then I got a flyer in my bag at Target for Soap.com. I never did anything with it. But now a blog that I follow has advertised that Soap.com is offering $10 off any purchase. You can even just purchase $10 worth of stuff. You would have to pay the $4.99 shipping, but that's still $5 off. Or you can purchase $25 worth of stuff and get free shipping. Just use the code 10BUCKSFREE when you check out. You can buy toilet paper, detergent, bath and body, health and beauty. Lots of stuff that you get at your grocery store or trip to Walmart, corner pharmacy, etc. That means it could potentially cut out half of the junk that I have to go out, buy and lug back home. The prices are a little higher and I don't know if you can use any kind of coupon other than the ones that Soap.com puts out themselves. But it may be worth it. Especially during a difficult time, like all of winter.

**since writing this post, Soap.com has clarified that the coupon code is for existing customers only. Not sure why they wouldn't want new customers. You could try calling customer service and see if they will give you the coupon code anyway. Sometimes they will.  

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