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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shiatsu Knot for Me?

Sunday night my upper back muscles were really sore from riding in the car so much. Just from the limited positions you can get into. Then sleeping on the guest bed at my parents where I evidently slept clutching the side of the bed to keep from rolling toward the center. I had this huge knot in my upper back above my right shoulder blade just to the right of my spine. High enough that it could almost be considered the lower neck, but low enough to still be considered the back. Oh, it was so sore. I think I had a rib head out of place. I couldn't imagine sleeping again or riding in the car again. And we had so much more riding around the state to do. So my dad pulls out this back massager that his boss had given him as a Christmas present a few years ago. It was one of those that you put in the chair. You sit on it to keep it in place and it straps to the back of the chair. It's a shiatsu massager so it has the little balls that roll clockwise or counterclockwise on both sides of your spine all the way up and down. I used it for I don't know how long. It must have a timer setting on it because it turned itself off. I turned it back on. It went for a while and then turned itself off. I turned it back on. After the third cycle I finally stopped since we obviously could not agree on how much I needed. That and I was exhausted. So I went to bed and with the suggestion of my mom put pillows between me and Rob keeping us from rolling to the center of the bed. I slept much better. The next morning when I woke up I could tell as soon as I moved that my back was sore from the massage. Even just toweling off after my shower hurt. It hurt to touch the seat back in the car. But my muscles were so much looser that it was worth the soreness. I got to go to my chiropractor. She said that she could tell why I was sore and that, yes, I had a rib head out. I am hoping to go back for another adjustment before we have to go home. Tuesday I was still sore to the touch but not as bad. Too much still to use the massager again though. However, I think that Wednesday night after riding through a couple more states to see my grandparents and then back to my folks house I'll be ready to use it again. But this time I won't use it nearly as long.

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