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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Medicine Mixup

I have two prescriptions that I am getting filled at CVS pharmacy. My amitryptaline for sleep and my topiramate for vertigo and migraines. They always call me with an automated voice message telling me that it is time to renew my prescriptions. It's usually pretty accurate since it's within my last week of pills. I can refill it on the phone and pick it up that day or at my convenience in the next couple of days before I run out of pills. Well, the last time that I was picking up my pills they asked if I wanted to get the automated refills. I said, "Sure." I figured that would save even more time. So the night before our trip, we're getting the last of our packing done. I'm filling my pill organizer. Oops, I've run out of these two. Where's my next bottle? There isn't one. How can that be? I've always got another one. I've got automated reminder calls. I must not have gotten my call. My CVS isn't 24 hours and we're leaving before the pharmacy opens so I think maybe we can fill it at a CVS along the way. But then I remember that I signed up for automated refill. So I call to see if my prescription has already been filled and it has. It's waiting to be picked up. Well, if it's waiting to be picked up then I can't get it filled at another one. At least not easily. I decide that it's too much hassle. I have enough amitryptaline for the rest of the week. I usually take a topiramate in the morning and at night. I can make it half way through the week. So I figure when I get close I'll take my last one and split it in half and take half one day and half the next day. Then I would just have to wait until I got home to get my refills. But last night we were at the casino. I didn't stay late, but I did sleep in late. So I was in a hurry this morning when I took my pills. Instead of splitting my topirimate in half, I just downed it with all the rest. So now I hope I'm okay until I get home.

ALSO, because I was up late I took my first of three doses of Cymbalta late. So when it came time to take my second dose I decided to wait. I usually take them about seven hours apart. It had only been four hours. I thought I would wait, then take my last pill later at night. Well, I of course forgot to take my second dose until about 8 pm. So now I either have to miss my last dose or wait until enough hours pass to take another one. Which one is worse. My husband thinks that I should have just taken my second dose even though only four hours had passed when my reminder alarm went off. My concern is that it makes the dose in my body too high. I am on 150mg three times a day. I believe that is the highest dose for Fibromyalgia. Does anyone have any advice on whether it is better to take the pills too close together or miss a dose? I don't necessarily notice if I miss one dose. But if I miss more than one dose within a few weeks or a month's time then I do notice it. Advice?


  1. Since you had a late start anyway on taking the Cymbalta, I would keep it how you have it. You don't want too much in your body, especially if it is sensitive. The rule of thumb: if you miss a dose and it is close to the NEXT does, do NOT double up to "catch up." Just miss the dose, take your next dose and tomorrow start on you regular cycle.

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! :0)
    Hugs n' blessings!

  2. But how close does it have to be to be considered TOO close? I wouldn't take it two hours apart, but what about 3 or 4? Is that too close?