"I only get one life and I will not let Fibromyalgia take the joy from my living it."

Monday, November 1, 2010


The weather is turning cooler. Not a lot. Just a little. We still can wear shorts in the afternoons and even go without jackets in the evenings as long as we are wearing long pants. At least this is my very limited experience so far. However, rain is supposed to be coming. I say supposed to be because it is cloudy, which is very unusual for here, and it is very windy. The temperature has dropped. But the rain has not come. I took the dogs to daycare and today is my cleaning day. I want to clean in shorts and if I am cleaning I should stay warm enough. But when I stepped outside to take them to school I about wet my pants, it was so cold. The only reason I didn't wet my pants was because every muscle I had clinched just keep me from blowing away, it was so windy. I thought "Surely Chicago cannot be windier than this." I've come home and there are things I need to do for the bazaar. I am trying to alternate cleaning and bazaar work. The bazaar work is more computer oriented and cutting paper, decorating type stuff. The cleaning is more, well, cleaning, you know. So usually where I take my breaks during cleaning, I am filling it with bazaar work. Here's the thing. It's cold. It may not be cold to everyone else. But to me, with this front coming through, it's cold. My hands are cold and they are hurting. My arms are hurting. My shoulders are literally drawing up toward my ears and it hurts. If you were sitting across from me, you could probably see my shoulders drawing up. And it hurts when your muscles seize up. It hurts. I'm hurting. It hurts. I should really go get in the hot tub. That's what I really want to do. And probably should do. Another thing that I do is wear these arm warmers. They are like leg warmers, but for your arms. I got mine at Walmart last year. They are the gloves without fingers. They do not have the part that comes down and goes over your fingers. Those are glommits. These are just fingerless gloves. EXCEPT they come up your forearms almost all the way to your elbows. They help keep my hands, wrist and arms warmer (not warm, just warmer) while allowing me access to type, cook, read, scrapbook, bead, anything for which I need my fingers exposed. I hope to get more this year. But maybe you can make them. I can't knit. However, if anyone finds a pattern for gloves like these, please share the pattern with me. I would love to have my mother-in-law make some for me.

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