"I only get one life and I will not let Fibromyalgia take the joy from my living it."

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We went home for the first time since we moved here in June. Wow, that was a long wait. But I think it was good for me because it helped me get past the homesickness before coming home which would have just prolonged it. We decided to go home the week before the week of Thanksgiving so that we would have the opportunity to see some friends. We thought that if we went the week of Thanksgiving everyone would be busy traveling and having their
Thanksgiving with families. Also, I had been upset that I was missing fall for the first time in my life. I know I wasn't missing fall, but I was missing the changing of the leaves. But for whatever reason in the weather this year, the leaves changed very late. Usually they are dead and on the ground by November, but they were changing. It was so nice. It was like Fall had held it's breath just for me. Sunday we had Thanksgiving with as many as we could of Rob's family.
Then Monday my friend Sharon and I went out to Pinnacle Mountain to look at the leaves. It was so nice.
Tuesday we had a little "open house" at Chic-Fil-A. We told everyone we would be there for a few hours and to come by and see us. We were able to see lots of friends that way.

Then we headed to Memphis with my parents to see my Grandparents. Thursday was a down day as we were both exhausted by this point. Friday we met my brother and nephew for lunch and a movie. Then had dinner with friends again before heading back to rest up for the long drive back. On the way home Rob was pretty sick. He had some kind of cold. After a few days I caught it too. It took longer for him to shake it. But it was good to be back home for the holidays. And it was good to come back home. Yes, you heard me. It was good to get back home. It was during this trip that I started calling Texas home. You know when you're staying somewhere else and in hotels, etc. You are enjoying yourself, but finally ready to be back in your own bead and not living out of a suitcase. And I was missing my friends here. I had missed our new church. I missed the ladies at my Bible study. And I was glad to be back in the warmer weather. It's nice to go where it's cold and the leaves are changing. But it's kinda like going where it snows . . . that's vacation weather. This here. . . this is weather for living.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Medicine Mixup

I have two prescriptions that I am getting filled at CVS pharmacy. My amitryptaline for sleep and my topiramate for vertigo and migraines. They always call me with an automated voice message telling me that it is time to renew my prescriptions. It's usually pretty accurate since it's within my last week of pills. I can refill it on the phone and pick it up that day or at my convenience in the next couple of days before I run out of pills. Well, the last time that I was picking up my pills they asked if I wanted to get the automated refills. I said, "Sure." I figured that would save even more time. So the night before our trip, we're getting the last of our packing done. I'm filling my pill organizer. Oops, I've run out of these two. Where's my next bottle? There isn't one. How can that be? I've always got another one. I've got automated reminder calls. I must not have gotten my call. My CVS isn't 24 hours and we're leaving before the pharmacy opens so I think maybe we can fill it at a CVS along the way. But then I remember that I signed up for automated refill. So I call to see if my prescription has already been filled and it has. It's waiting to be picked up. Well, if it's waiting to be picked up then I can't get it filled at another one. At least not easily. I decide that it's too much hassle. I have enough amitryptaline for the rest of the week. I usually take a topiramate in the morning and at night. I can make it half way through the week. So I figure when I get close I'll take my last one and split it in half and take half one day and half the next day. Then I would just have to wait until I got home to get my refills. But last night we were at the casino. I didn't stay late, but I did sleep in late. So I was in a hurry this morning when I took my pills. Instead of splitting my topirimate in half, I just downed it with all the rest. So now I hope I'm okay until I get home.

ALSO, because I was up late I took my first of three doses of Cymbalta late. So when it came time to take my second dose I decided to wait. I usually take them about seven hours apart. It had only been four hours. I thought I would wait, then take my last pill later at night. Well, I of course forgot to take my second dose until about 8 pm. So now I either have to miss my last dose or wait until enough hours pass to take another one. Which one is worse. My husband thinks that I should have just taken my second dose even though only four hours had passed when my reminder alarm went off. My concern is that it makes the dose in my body too high. I am on 150mg three times a day. I believe that is the highest dose for Fibromyalgia. Does anyone have any advice on whether it is better to take the pills too close together or miss a dose? I don't necessarily notice if I miss one dose. But if I miss more than one dose within a few weeks or a month's time then I do notice it. Advice?

Dentist Visit

I went to the dentist Monday (today is Wed.) Tuesday morning when I brushed my teeth I had soreness at my gumline from where I had had my cleaning. That night it was a little worse. This morning it is still there, though a little better. I'm not sure that this is in any way related to the Fibro. My husband went for his visit at the same time. He said that his gums were swollen and sore. But I think they had to clean him a little more aggressively since they got on to him for not flossing enough. At one point the dentist said that flossing is just as important as him taking his blood pressure medicine. An infection in your gums can get into your blood stream and be very serious to your health. So y'all get flossing!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shiatsu Knot for Me?

Sunday night my upper back muscles were really sore from riding in the car so much. Just from the limited positions you can get into. Then sleeping on the guest bed at my parents where I evidently slept clutching the side of the bed to keep from rolling toward the center. I had this huge knot in my upper back above my right shoulder blade just to the right of my spine. High enough that it could almost be considered the lower neck, but low enough to still be considered the back. Oh, it was so sore. I think I had a rib head out of place. I couldn't imagine sleeping again or riding in the car again. And we had so much more riding around the state to do. So my dad pulls out this back massager that his boss had given him as a Christmas present a few years ago. It was one of those that you put in the chair. You sit on it to keep it in place and it straps to the back of the chair. It's a shiatsu massager so it has the little balls that roll clockwise or counterclockwise on both sides of your spine all the way up and down. I used it for I don't know how long. It must have a timer setting on it because it turned itself off. I turned it back on. It went for a while and then turned itself off. I turned it back on. After the third cycle I finally stopped since we obviously could not agree on how much I needed. That and I was exhausted. So I went to bed and with the suggestion of my mom put pillows between me and Rob keeping us from rolling to the center of the bed. I slept much better. The next morning when I woke up I could tell as soon as I moved that my back was sore from the massage. Even just toweling off after my shower hurt. It hurt to touch the seat back in the car. But my muscles were so much looser that it was worth the soreness. I got to go to my chiropractor. She said that she could tell why I was sore and that, yes, I had a rib head out. I am hoping to go back for another adjustment before we have to go home. Tuesday I was still sore to the touch but not as bad. Too much still to use the massager again though. However, I think that Wednesday night after riding through a couple more states to see my grandparents and then back to my folks house I'll be ready to use it again. But this time I won't use it nearly as long.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


I am really backed up on my blogging since my Christmas Bazaar. Man, it was like having a full time job. It was a perfect example of why some people with Fibro don't work. It's practically impossible to do anything else. I am going to try to get caught up with my blogging, at least on what I can remember. To do that I am going to be backdating some of my posts. It helps me to keep up with when things happened. So if you are one who likes to read everything, you'll have to go back to the archives and not just follow the blogroll or newsreel.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Christmas Bazaar Goes Global

You may know that I'm having a Christmas Bazaar in my home to meet people here in our new town. Everyone's getting to do lots of shopping from consultants and home businesses. But you don't have to be left out. You can shop from them as well. I've found some great new things to share with you and some old favorites as well. So check out these websites and get some Christmas shopping done. Just click on the name of the company below.

    Monday, November 1, 2010


    The weather is turning cooler. Not a lot. Just a little. We still can wear shorts in the afternoons and even go without jackets in the evenings as long as we are wearing long pants. At least this is my very limited experience so far. However, rain is supposed to be coming. I say supposed to be because it is cloudy, which is very unusual for here, and it is very windy. The temperature has dropped. But the rain has not come. I took the dogs to daycare and today is my cleaning day. I want to clean in shorts and if I am cleaning I should stay warm enough. But when I stepped outside to take them to school I about wet my pants, it was so cold. The only reason I didn't wet my pants was because every muscle I had clinched just keep me from blowing away, it was so windy. I thought "Surely Chicago cannot be windier than this." I've come home and there are things I need to do for the bazaar. I am trying to alternate cleaning and bazaar work. The bazaar work is more computer oriented and cutting paper, decorating type stuff. The cleaning is more, well, cleaning, you know. So usually where I take my breaks during cleaning, I am filling it with bazaar work. Here's the thing. It's cold. It may not be cold to everyone else. But to me, with this front coming through, it's cold. My hands are cold and they are hurting. My arms are hurting. My shoulders are literally drawing up toward my ears and it hurts. If you were sitting across from me, you could probably see my shoulders drawing up. And it hurts when your muscles seize up. It hurts. I'm hurting. It hurts. I should really go get in the hot tub. That's what I really want to do. And probably should do. Another thing that I do is wear these arm warmers. They are like leg warmers, but for your arms. I got mine at Walmart last year. They are the gloves without fingers. They do not have the part that comes down and goes over your fingers. Those are glommits. These are just fingerless gloves. EXCEPT they come up your forearms almost all the way to your elbows. They help keep my hands, wrist and arms warmer (not warm, just warmer) while allowing me access to type, cook, read, scrapbook, bead, anything for which I need my fingers exposed. I hope to get more this year. But maybe you can make them. I can't knit. However, if anyone finds a pattern for gloves like these, please share the pattern with me. I would love to have my mother-in-law make some for me.