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Monday, October 4, 2010

Free Sample of Neru Patch

Ok, fibro friends, I do not know anything about this patch, I've never heard of it. But I did see in my blogroll this offer come through so I wanted to pass it on to anyone who may be interested.  

Free Sample of Neru Patch Foot And Leg Discomfort
Only Available for Shipment within the United States, click here.


  1. Thank you for posting that. I submitted for my free sample. Did you, too? I hope it works! Hope you are feeling well!

  2. I did. Right now I'm still using my Tiger Balm. Of course I use it mostly on my shoulders, arms and hands. But I do use it a lot on my legs just before bed. I could use this instead to see if it works. Wouldn't that be great!

  3. Yes, it would! Have you ever heard of "Polar Frost"? It is the BEST of topical pain relivers that I have come across. It beats BioFreeze and Freeze it, and I was using those like it was going out of style. I can make a 500cc bottle last three months!! And, it's CHEAPER than the other gels. So give it a try! So far I've found it at a PT store called Active Forever. Or you can order it online.
    Hope this helps!