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Sunday, October 17, 2010

And The Award Goes To. . .

I recently received the One Lovely Blog Award. It is a blog award that is meant to be passed on between fellow bloggers. When I accepted it, I had to agree to pass it on to blogs that I felt were worthy. I am supposed to choose 15 blogs. That's a mighty task for me. At least to choose 15 that are new to me. And a lot of the blogs that I follow are so big that I think they probably don't do the whole award thing. I started my list and was saving it thinking I would post when I had them all. But then I thought, this is going to take forever. So I decided that I would post as I found them, a couple at a time. You can enjoy them along with me. And I won't forget to do them all no matter how long it takes, I promise. So here are my first picks:

Home Schooling Goodness
This wonderful lady is the mother of two young children. She is a teacher by trade. She takes the time to home school her oldest child while maintaining the hectic therapy schedule of her baby girl who has Down Syndrome. Her blog is a combination of lesson plans, book reviews and personal journal as a mommy. She also is a consultant for Usborne Books.

On Life and Beans 
This amazing woman is mother to six children. She cooks dinner on a budget. And when I say she cooks dinner, I mean she cooks healthy, organic, fresh. And when I say she cooks on a budget I mean 8 people on $5 for the whole meal. Crazy cheap! And Healthy! I've had her food and it tastes good. So try it out.

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