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Friday, September 17, 2010

Tiger Balm

I remember recently Tiger Balm giving away free samples on Facebook. By the time I got to the page, of course, they were already out. Evidently this product is hard to find? I had never heard of it. But last week I was at the H-E-B looking for those stick-on heat patches for my husband. I saw the heat patches in the Tiger Balm brand, with a free sample inside, so I grabbed it. Then I looked a little further and found the Neck and Shoulder Rub. I grabbed that for myself. My husband used the heat patches on his motorcycle trip. He said that he woke in the morning without pain and that he can't remember not having pain in that spot. He was so impressed with the heat patches.
So I guess from now on we'll buy that brand because we've used all the other brands of heat patches. I am actually going to use the neck and shoulder rub on my hands. They have been hurting in the joints I think from the seasons changing, colder weather coming. Plus there has been a lot of rain. I have some emu oil to try and some Tylenol Precise, but I understand that to really know which product is working I can only try one at a time. So for now, I am going to use the Tiger Balm. I am only using the Neck and Shoulder Rub because that is what I was able to find. But it does come in a nice little squeeze bottle like hand lotion so that is convenient.


  1. So did you get good results? I can't believe you also did an article on tiger balm. I had not seen your blog before but after writing mine i googled tiger balm and your blog came up on the first page. I think it is good if real people tell each other what works rather than the advertising.

  2. You know, I'm still using it and haven't starting using anything else yet. So I guess technically I am still in my "trial". I mostly use it at night right before I go to bed because sometimes I am hurting so bad that I think I'll never get to sleep. Or I'll sit on the side of the bed thinking "the last thing I want to do is lay down" because laying down hurts since it's just more of my body being touched by something. However, I am on a medication to help me sleep. So I've taken my meds, I've done my bedtime routine. I'm sitting on the edge of the bed. I put on the Tiger Balm thinking I'll never sleep. I lay down and I'm gone. Out like a light. So I really can't testify to it. But I do know that if my pain is too great even the medicine cannot keep me asleep so it must help to some degree. But my husband still swears by the patch that he used. We recently went on a long car trip and he put it on before starting just to keep it from getting bad in that one trouble spot of his. And he did really well. I found some smaller patches that would fit on the back of my hand that I want to try. Yes, I need to write about it again. But if you are considering buying it I would definitely say try it. At least here it is only $5 which isn't that much for an over the counter remedy that works. So if it is fairly affordable where you are then I say you should definitely try it for yourself. And please, let me know how it works for you. As for my blog showing up in a search result, that is so weird! I agree that personal testimony for product is far superior to any advertisement. I love to read reviews before making purchases.