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Friday, September 10, 2010

Scout Shopping for Jegglings?

Here's a great shopping tip that I have devised recently. A lot of stores have these one day only sales. Their "VIP" customers are privy to the sales in advance. So what I do is go look and try on the day before the big event. Then I ask them to hold my items for me. The next morning when everyone else is in a frenzy I can go in, walk right up to the cash register, give them my name and check out. Tomorrow Old Navy is having their ladies leggings on sale for $6. It's tomorrow only. So first I looked online to see if they had any that I might even like. They did have two kinds that I was interested in. So I went and the sales girl asked me if I was looking for the jegglings. "The what?" " Jegglings. You know, the leggings that look like jeans."  "Oh! Yeah! That's it. Point me toward those." Although that's not exactly what I was going for I did buy a pair. I like to wear leggings under my dresses in the winter. Especially since dresses are getting shorter every year. It helps to keep from getting those cool breezes that make my legs hurt. Anyway, I picked out my leggings, went to the cash register and put them on hold. Tomorrow I will walk in and check out. I got to shop virtually alone. No crowds, no elbows, no lines, no cacophony of the monster warehouse storeroom.

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