"I only get one life and I will not let Fibromyalgia take the joy from my living it."

Friday, September 24, 2010

Flu Flux Fibro

Yesterday I had the multi-vaccine flu shot. I warned that you could feel it going in because there was so much fluid. Here's my personal account of how it affected me afterward. Please, Please, Please don't let this keep you from getting the flu shot. One day's pain in the arm is so much more tolerable than having the flu with Fibromyalgia for an entire week. Think about it! That's why I got mine. Plus it takes me forever to recover from things.

The day that I had the flu shot the injection site was already very sensitive. In fact, that evening the pain had woken me in my sleep. I don't know about you, but for me sleeping can be painful. I sleep on one side until that side hurts. Then I roll over. Then when that side hurts I roll over, etc. I think most people do that. The difference between them and us is that once a side has begun to hurt it doesn't stop. So once we have slept on that side, felt the hurt and rolled over, we can't go back to it later. When I rolled to my left side, and the pain from the injection site woke me, I had to talk myself back to sleep. I kinda rolled back and forth until the pain was familiar enough and found the least painful spot all the while saying "it doesn't hurt that bad, go back to sleep." The lullaby for someone with Fibro. By the next day I think it did send me into a mini flare up. It definitely sent my left arm into flare up. My shoulders, which are one of my worst areas, were hurting so bad. I could barely lift anything. But I'm the person that grits my teeth and goes on. I guess because I know there is no real cause for the pain. I mean I know there is real cause. But I haven't been injured. My shoulders aren't broken or have spurs in them. It's the overactive neuron thingies. So I figure the pain isn't supposed to be there. I'm not causing any damage by working through it. Does that make sense to anyone? I guess another reason for working through the pain is that I have stuff to do. And unless I'm in so much pain that I literally cannot then I'm going to keep going. I have to. Now don't get me wrong. I'm not wonder woman. I do take breaks. I'll sit down for a minute and just groan as loud as I can to get the frustration out, an overly melodramatic soap opera moment. And I do take help when I can get it. When I got to the grocery store today I could barely push the cart and that was while it was empty. I just wanted to cry. My shoulders hurt so bad I can't push an empty cart!!! Oh, it crossed my mind. Those electric carts. But I can walk!! I just can't push a cart. Grit those teeth and go on. Once you get into your task you can work through the pain. I go through the check out and this time they didn't offer to carry my bags out. Maybe they didn't notice the glazed look in my eyes, that my smile was really a grimace. Or maybe they just thought a perfectly healthy looking young woman should be able to get out half a cart of stuff on her own. This time I asked him. Again with the awkward situation! Do I explain? Do I make a joke? So what did I do? I told him I have trouble with my arms. Wow! Why didn't I think of that when I was a teenager? No, mom, I didn't clean my room because I was having trouble with my arms. No, teacher, my homework isn't done because I have trouble with my arms. Anyway, I would normally have done the 2 bags to the car myself (even if he did stuff one bag way too full.) But I also had a gallon of milk. Hello, weighs 8 pounds. Then I had 3 small bags of dog food for a food drive we're going to this weekend. Oh, and did I mention that my arms fell off in the produce aisle? At least when I got home I could leave the dog food in the trunk. And get my overly stuffed bags into the house before taking a break for one of my mini-dramas. My mother and husband have asked me if the dramatics help and you know I think they actually do. You should try it. Go on, no one's watching.


  1. I'll have to try the "overly dramatic moments" as you call them and see if that does work for me! Because I'm having severe pain in my legs, low back and the neuropathy in my feet. I can't do much- even walking to the bathroom is like walking over hot coals. Miserable!
    Hope you feel better and your arm heals fast from the shot.

  2. You described me! LOL
    I'm also in the group of those who 'work' through the pain. I think of it the same way you do. :)

    I wish I had a car to have my groceries brought over to since I doubt the packing boy wants to take the bus home with me LOL

    After I've pushed a grocery cart through the store, I get to push and pull a large bundle buggy 2 blocks to the 1st bus stop, manhandle the buggy up the steps (since I don't "look" sick, most bus drivers don't even bother lowering the bus), since there's usually nowhere to sit and most teenagers wouldn't give up their seat if the bus was on fire... so I stand with one foot firmly wedged under one of the wheels (Yay for neuropathy) to stop the buggy from rolling around each time the driver slams on the brakes or takes off again. I swear some of them think they're driving an Indy 500 car LOL Then I manhandle the buggy back off the bus, walk another 2 blocks to the next bus stop for the other half of my trip home. Same MO as the first bus but at least on this one I get to sit and it's a relief. By then I just want to sit and bawl my eyes out but I'm not home yet. I manhandle the buggy off the bus, up the 6 steps to the building, up one more step to get into the building and then down two flights of stairs (no elevator) to my place. Once I'm home, I grab the bag that the frozen stuff is packed in and just shove it into the freezer as is, same for the stuff that goes in the fridge. Then I walk over to the couch and just collapse for the next hour. Sometimes I fall asleep I'm so exhausted.

    Gave up owning a car, when a deer decided I shouldn't have a car anymore, 6 years ago. Groceries is when I miss that car the most. A grocery trip that would normally take an hour at most with a car turns into at least a half day of fighting my way on and off buses pushing that infernal bundle buggy.

  3. Have you tried looking into ordering from soap.com and schwans.com for some of these things. It would at least cut down on the amount of stuff you would have to haul home.