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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cloudy With a Chance of Hermine

Tropical Storm Hermine. I had never heard of her. That's too bad because I should have known she was on her way. This was my first tropical storm. Well, we've had the effects of tropical storms. But this was my first time to be in the eye of the storm. She blew straight threw our city and I had no idea she was even coming. With all the excitement of the weekend and then my "down day" on Labor Day I had not watched any news. So when it was raining this morning I didn't think anything of it. But it got stronger. Then stronger. I was watching the morning news with my breakfast. I had to take my "Welcome Autumn" sign off my front door because it was beating against it. That's when I learned her name and how to pronounce it. By this time I was aware that there was a lot of noise outside. I looked out the back window and saw that my rocking chair was missing it's cushion. I scurried outside to find it and busted it. I slipped on the wet floor. I laid there a minute in pain, but mainly because my dog Bradley was clamoring all over me, you know, making sure I was okay and all. I knew immediately that I had hurt my right knee and jammed about three toes on my left foot. But I felt I had no choice but to get up and continue my rescue efforts of my beloved back patio.
I managed to wrangle in a few soaked cushions, a lamp and radio. I was afraid of things banging against the house and causing damage so I tried to drag the rocking chairs in. They wouldn't fit through the door so I left them. I came in and changed into a dry robe. While icing my knee, I talked to my parents on the phone and my dad recommended laying the chairs on their side. I made another quick trip out. Yep, in my robe. Not the best idea. With wind gusts at 45 mph I had to tuck the robe between my knees and walk with my legs glued together. My robe was whipping around, getting wet. I bet the neighbors loved that. Did I mention that my thin robe is white? What was I thinking? Anyway, I got more cushions in, laid down the chairs and put away some smaller items. Came back in and changed into another dry robe. A little later I was trying to get Bradley to go out to potty. He had not gone yet since he was too scared. Yep, in my robe. Just sprinkling, but still windy. I see another cushion out in the yard. Seriously? Will this ever end? So I hurry out and get it without getting too wet. Bradley still hasn't pottied, but we're going inside. Rob comes home. I'm in a robe and our entire back porch is piled in the kitchen. He just looks at me. I just look at him. "Happy Anniversary."

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  1. Oh, my! What a story! I am so glad that YOU are OK, a little battered and worse for wear, but OK. I'm sure your neighbors were too busy trying to secure their stuff to even notice a lady out in the yard in a thin robe. I hope you are feeling better. Remember, ice the first 24 hours, then heat. I'm a nurse, so I'm reputable. :0) Take care of yourself!!! And good bye to the storm!