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Monday, August 16, 2010

Why I Could Never Be A Geisha

I pulled out my mineral makeup today which I had not worn since we moved. The reason that I had not worn it was because it does not have an SPF. But I was in a hurry, so I chose to put just the basic "make me look like a million bucks" shimmer stuff on my face that covers all blemishes, smooths skin tones, makes you glow and completely eliminates the need for a foundation. You the know the stuff. Anyway, I'm brushing the powder onto my face and it hurts. My face is hurting. I do remember this now. That's not why I stopped using it. But I do remember that it hurts to rub my face with this brush. I read a lot of reviews on this particular brush. People said that it was the softest kabuki brush they had ever used. And I promise I am not rubbing hard. I am being very gentle. But the contact hurts my face. I think it's just the little tips of the bristles and the friction action against my skin. But repetitive motions of the smallest kind can hurt. Like even just washing my face with my hands will leave my face feeling a little numb like I may have taken the top layer of skin off. It does that to the palms of my hands after rubbing my dog's belly, too. My hands will be numb for about 30 minutes. So after using my mineral makeup this morning I went to lunch with my husband and my face was still hurting. It hurt for a good 2 or 3 hours. And this was not numb feeling, this was definitely pain, more like the feel of a bad sunburn that is going untreated. It finally started to subside after about 4 hours with just a little tingling still on my upper lip and bridge of my nose.
So, really that's why I could never be a Geisha. I can already pop a fan open one-handed, play a flute and my feet are fairly small at a 7 and 1/2. I'm sure I could learn to keep my mouth shut (maybe), hold my head up under a 30 pound hair-do, pour tea without spilling it, and play a . . . what's that guitar like thingy? Oh, yeah, maybe there are a few other reasons why I could never be a Geisha.

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