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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Surviving A Loved One's Chronic Pain

Wanted to share this with you all. Notice that in the editor's note it state's "This article is available online (at www.PPMjournal.com/Handout.pdf) as a printer-ready PDF to allow free unlimited printing of handouts." So print it out, pass it out, hang it up on your bulletin at work, give it to your loved ones and take it to your support groups. This is not just for Fibromyalgia, it's for anyone experiencing chronic pain. 
The topics are:
  • What is chronic pain?
  • How is it different from acute pain?
  • How am I affected by their pain?
  • What do I do to take care of myself?
  • Is it all in their heads?
  • Could they be faking it, say, to get out of work?
  • How should I respond to my loved one when (s)he’s in pain? How much should I do to be helpful?
  • How can I tell how he or she is doing?
  • What treatments are there for chronic pain?
  • Will my loved one get addicted to his or her medications?
  • What questions do I need to ask the doctor?
  • What else helps besides medication?
  • How do I communicate with my family member?
 I would love if y'all jumped in the comments section here and answered any of these questions yourself.

To read the full article go to:


  1. What helps me when I am in pain is, of course, medication, but even more so is music. I get "lost" in my favorite songs and it really does take your mind off of things. I heard it releases the body's natural painkillers, Endorphins, that can help you feel better. I will also read a good book or watch a good program on TV. Anything to get my mind off of how I am feeling. As for the medication addiction part, I truly believe that if you are taking your medication JUST for pain and following the directions your doctor give you to the tee, then the risk of addiction is very low.

  2. Something that really helps my pain is being completely submerged in water (except my head). That's why we have a hot tub. Would like a pool, but they are so expensive and so much work. I don't even turn the heat up very much on the hot tub because I get overheated easily. But there is something miraculous about being submerged in water that just eases all the body aches. Doesn't work as well in a tub because you have to be able to float. So I highly recommend if you don't have a hot tub to do a trial membership at a YMCA or hospital where you can get into a swimming pool to experience it. This really is addictive because before we moved here and bought the house with the hot tub I would cry saying I just want to be able to get in the water. My sweet husband made sure I had what I needed.

  3. Hello, My name is Stephenie and I'm a graduate student in Anchorage Alaska. I am studying chronic pain victims and the loved ones that care for them. Im interested in participating in a blog that will help me answer some questions about how to best serve those living with chronic pain and how to provide effect support for their loved ones. Im in the beginning stages of my research and would greatly respect guidance from those that face hurdles of a life with chronic pain.

    1. I would recommend posting on the Facebook wall. There is a link on the sidebar. I'm sure people would love to help.